The One with Three Lessons Learned

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I learned three very important things at 1am last night:
1) Do not carry anything edible in my purse - including but not limited to Now & Laters, fruit snacks, and gum.
2) Keep my purse up high, out of reach of wandering pets.
3) Lock the dog in our bedroom at night. We used to, but stopped for no reason, and now we have a big reason.

At 1am last night I heard Joey heaving in the dining room. I woke up to some major nastiness. No picture, it was too sickening. Piles and pools of throw up E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. My purse and all of its contents including half chewed Now & Laters, gum wrappers, receipts, and lists, shredded and torn all over the living room. I woke up Chris and he helped me clean the disaster zone, all the while Joey was still throwing up again and again.

The joys of having a curious dog. At least he's cute.


  1. Oh I'm sorry, that sounds like NO fun!

  2. yikes!! Hope the little guy is feeling better, and I hope you guys got some sleep last night!! We learned to keep things out of reach early on with Rufus.. after losing a few purses, dozens of pairs of shoes and having your day planner destroyed not once, but twice, you kind of learn this as it goes.

    we now keep everything on hooks and make sure the coffee table and low furniture is clear every night before bed.

    oh yeah.. and if he isn't sleeping by the time we go to bed, we put him in his area (designated blocked large entry way in the house) to keep him out of trouble. This has been a very effective 'tool'!!

    ahhh the joys of 'parenting' lol : )

  3. Oh no!!! Poor guy...I hope he is feeling better now! I hear gum can be really upsetting for dogs.

  4. My goodness, he is so big now. Was this taken after the disaster?

    He does look repentant.

    Grandma D.

  5. Oh man! So sorry to hear that! Chase and I learned that we had to pick up the things that were low to the ground (and even sometimes too close to the edge of the counter) or else the hurls would get them. Good luck with that! Hope that will be the only mess you have to clean up. :)


    Kitten sends Joey her condolences.

  7. Oh good grief!! Your poor house! Poor puppy! I hope it's all over soon and he's all better. The house too! Hugs!

  8. Oh no!! Love the pic! Very sweet and yes... he is cute! I hope he didn't throw up on your new rug! :)

  9. Ah poor puppy! Poor you! Our dog several years ago got into the kids Easter baskets and ate everything - I'm sure you can guess what we came home to when we got back from Easter dinner - like you no pics no scrapbook page! LOL

  10. Paige it's Theresa at JBJ. My daughters dog "Foxy Cleopatra" got a pillow her friend made for Christmas.It had rice and lavender in it;s for putting on your eys to relax. Well it made her so very sick. Same as your dog but she got the poopie's too!. The rice swole in her tummy. She is 9 now so it was very hard on her tummy. Be careful they love to get into everything. Love your blog.

  11. OMG I should have checked my spelling. Sorry!


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