The One with Illusions

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I always get the most fascinating email forwards from my friend Tasha. (Keep 'em coming friend!). I was especially intrigued by the email forward I received from her yesterday and thought I'd share.

1) Is this possible?

Not in real life.

2) Focus on the dot in the center and move your head backwards and forwards. What happens?

It moves. But it's not really moving. Ahhh!

3) Are the purple lines straight or bent?

Straight. But they appear bent.

4) Do you see grey dots in-between the squares?

Yes, but they aren't really there...

5) Look at this image closely. What do you see?

I see a man and the word "Liar."

6) Relax and concentrate on the four small dots in the middle of the picture for about 30-40 seconds. Then take a look at a wall near you (any smooth, single colored surface will suffice). You will see a circle of light developing. Start blinking a couple of times...who do you see?

I see Jesus.

7) This one is the coolest - saved the best for last! This picture is not animated, but it sure looks like it's moving! To prove that it's your eyes playing tricks on you, stare at the black center of a circle for a few seconds and notice that everything stops moving...



  1. Ahhhhh! The last image is possessed! Stop moving!!!

  2. That last one has *got* to be an animated GIF.

  3. Ahh thanks I feel so special. :) Nighty night Paige I will text ya with my babies Gender tomorrow! Hopefully!

  4. wow those are tooo fun, i love stuff like that, thank you so much for sharing them! :)

  5. These were really cool! I've seen most of them, but the last one? WHOA! That is CRAZY! LOL. Hope you're well! :)


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