The One with My Unofficial 3rd Child

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We have a dog. His name is Joey, after Joey Tribiani of FRIENDS. He's a Shiba Inu. He was born on September 11th 2009. I flew up to Seattle to get him from a breeder who lives just two miles from my parent's house and brought him back to sunny SoCal on Halloween 2009.
How can I say this nicely... Joey is... a pain in my tooshie lately! Ever since we brought Jane home he's been lashing out irrationally and demanding more and more attention. He's like a toddler in dog form! He always wants to play; he eats all of Fox's food; he barks incessantly whenever the doorbell rings and accosts anyone who comes in; he purposefully finds things he shouldn't have (pacifiers, diapers, toys), looks at us to make sure we see he has the off-limit item, then runs away and destroys it; and he's all up in my business all the time!

Let's think of some good things to cancel out the bad...
He's cute.
He is great around kids and has never once showed aggression towards Fox or Jane.
He's a good source of entertainment for Fox.
When we do play with him, it's fun to bounce the big rubber ball off his nose.
He's a good "fetcher".
He travels well, just sleeps the entire time.
I love his thick, felty ears.
He finds the weirdest positions to sleep in on the couch.
He basks in the sun and looks so content whilst doing so.
And that's about it.

Here's hoping Joey grows out of this "terrible 3s" stage and stops being so jealous of our kiddos :)


  1. Awwww, he's just adjusting. Give that little cutie a couple months. :)

  2. Hopefully he is just adjusting!! I loveeeeee the photos... he is adorable!!!

  3. Totally can hard but way to look for some positives!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry he's having a hard time. You know... we've had SUCH a hard time with Amber since Hattie came along.

    So Amber went to go live with Jeremy's parents. It was SO much better for all of us. She's been there a month, and right now, we're "babysitting" her for the month. And you know what? She's like a different dog! LOL. She's SO much happier now and isn't acting out anymore. So weird.

    If we do end up keeping her longer, I don't think I'd mind now! LOL. I mean, Amber still isn't keen on Hattie getting too close to her, but she seems happier, so I'm happy with that. :-) I just need to remember to give her more attention... one on one time every day, or she acts out again and is depressed. :-( *sigh*

    It's so hard having kids and pets! How did our parents do it?!?! LOL!

  5. love what you name him, haha LOVE friends! hope he gets out of this phase quickly, dogs can be tuff, especially when change is involved! adorable pictures!!

  6. oh joey! hope he gets out of these "terrible 3's" soon ;)

  7. AWWWWWWWW:) I just love these pics of Joey! SO cute! Keep thinking of the good things--he will grow out of this phase:) <3

  8. Aside from his recent acting out, I'm glad we have little Joey. Fox loves him and a boy needs a dog! It's just right :)

  9. P.S. Chris, wassup with the sexism?

  10. I'm quoting this cause I looked up the dog's traits.." With his marked stubborn streak and mischievous sense of humor, the Shiba Inu does best with owners who are firm, confident, and utterly consistent" maybe the new change is upsetting his "routine" and I am sure he will settle down once he gets use to baby Jane and the addition to his home! :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina

  11. oh is he cute, must be hard to stay mad at him...:)


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