The One with Operation: WEIGHT LOSS

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I so do not even come close to fitting any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Thus begins OPERATION: WEIGHT LOSS. I'm hoping if I make my goals public knowledge I'll stick to them. 
Starting weight: 165
Goal weight: 120
Date to reach goal: January 1st 2013
Weeks to accomplish goal: 21
Average pounds to lose per week: 2.14
Goals for this week: Don't eat after 7pm (brush teeth at 7pm) /  No candy / Limit food portions / Eat fruits and veggies instead of chips and crackers
Reward: Overnighter to Vegas!

Once I can start exercising in five or so weeks I hope that will help burn off the pounds. I also want to get a membership to the YMCA around the corner once Jane is old enough to be in the daycare unit. Until then, I'm hoping the calories that it takes to breastfeed will do some good and I'll try to minimize the calories I take in. 


8.4.12 - 165
8.10.12 - 158.6 (-6.4)
8.18.12 - 157.9 (-0.7)
8.25.12 - 156.3 (-1.6)
9.1.12 - 155.3 (-1.0)
9.8.12 - 155.3 (0)
9.15.12 - 151.9 (-3.4)
9.22.12 - 150.6 (-1.3)
9.29.12 - 148.6 (-2.0)
10.6.12 - 144.8 (-3.8)
10.13.12 - 145 (+.2)
10.20.12 - 142.1 (-2.9)
10.27.12 - 141.4 (-.7)
11.3.12 - 137.9 (-3.5)
11.10.12 - 138.4 (+.5)
11.17.12 - 136.7 (-1.7)
11.24.12 - 136.3 (-.4)

And, just because I can't go a day without posting pictures of the lights of my life:



  2. So sweet they are! Way to go! You are so brave to post. You make me excited to keep trying!

  3. Hooray for getting fit and healthy! :-)

    Just remember to eat about 500 calories more than your pre-pregnancy weight (So... try not to go under 2,000 calories) because while breastfeeding, you actually need *more* calories than you did while you were pregnant! Craziness, right?! But as long as you're eating healthy, balanced meals, you should lose that weight in NO time!! :-)

    And yeah, just skip over those Lean Cuisines. Yuck! LOL. Instead, just try making chicken breasts, brown rice, veggies. Mmmm. :-)

    You can totally do this. You're right... less dessert, less crackers and chips... more veggies, fruit, nuts and hummus. :-)

    p.s. How's breastfeeding going this time around? I hope it's going well for you! :-) Love you so much! SO happy for you having Sweet Jane!! And a bit jealous ;-) ... can't wait to have another one. :-)

  4. You go girl!! I know you can do it!!! I love love love the photos of your babies!!!

  5. They are so cute! Hang in there you'll be back in no time!!!

  6. You're brave to step on that scale! I have similar goals too :)

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful family! Don't forget it took 9 months to get that weight on and your body needs time to recover. If you're breastfeeding you'll need enough calories to maintain your milk supply, roughly 500 calories a day. And you produce milk around the clock so be careful with not eating after 7. Don't be so hard on yourself - you look so fantastic and you've done such an amazing thing delivering that beautiful baby girl!

  8. yay, good luck! the beginning melts off without much effort but the 1 pound per week from months 3-9 really got me down cuz it felt so slow! These are my favorite snacks to have in the house: 1) edamame, 2) nuts (in moderation, more than a handful is too much!), 3) cheese sticks, 4) greek yogurt, 5) apples, 6) bananas, 7) peanut butter, 8) hummus, 9) cucumbers, and 10) celery. ps I always wished I had joined that YMCA cuz of the free childcare and girl, you live right by it! Better join asap!

  9. You just gave birth. Don(t be too hard on yourself. Breastfeed! That is how I lost all of my pregnancy kilos. Took me 3 months! Lost for after but that is another story!

  10. I love your photos page - your littles are just beautiful.

    Don't beat yourself up in these coming weeks - I'm sure you will get that weight off and will probably have weeks where you loose more than 2 lbs. I just recently lost 50 and can say cutting out sugar and seriously limiting carbs was key. I'll be working on the rest of my weight loss project along with you!

  11. YOU can do it!! I know you can!! VERY cute pictures of your kiddos too! :)

  12. Good luck! I'm trying to lose my post-baby weight, too...mostly just focusing on trying to limit my treats and exercise.

  13. You are brave m'lady. I am already worried about losing the pregnancy weight...and she's not even here yet! Ahhh!
    Here's a tip: I cut out sugar once for a month and the difference was INSANE in how I felt and looked. The first week is a nightmare, but after that you sorta stop craving it. It's almost impossible to cut it out completely, but I chose to skip desserts, candy, and products where sugar was one of the first three ingredients. I'll definitely be doing this again, right after I give birth soon!

  14. You can do it, and you are smart to make some very specific goals. Lily is a year old already and I am still trying to lose the weight. My goals kinda get put on the back burner with 4 kids and a husband, house, etc. to worry about.

  15. I admire you so much paige! girl!! this is actually awesome your doing this for everyone to see, very motivating! i think id be too self conscious posting something like this, thanks for being brave! your reward sounds like a blast, good for you!

  16. Jane is so precious! Congrats! You look beautiful and good luck!

  17. What a beauty!!!! Congrats again - she's precious!! Now you have two amazing blessings to be thankful for :).

  18. Good luck! I know you can do it! And that picture of Fox...priceless!

  19. That pic of Jane is so cute!
    Good luck with the weight loss! I'm sure you will rock it!

  20. Paige you look great, and dont' worry you'll drop about 20 just nursing, I always did, plus your blood doubles when you are preggo, so you really don't have that much to lose :) Fox and Jane are so precious, love her little peach outfit, so cute!!

  21. You can DOOOOOOO it:)

    LOVE the pics of the kiddos! SO PRECIOUS:)

  22. You'll drop them Paige. Especially if you're nursing! Give it a month and you'll see the difference! Jane is so beautiful, I could look at her all day.

  23. first.... you kids are adorable. seriously. so cute. second.... I am now 32 weeks along and am already thinking about my weight loss plan of attack once this is over. I feel HUGE!! It's a battle, especially with the change of another being to take care of.... but I applaud you for putting it in the blog. I have no doubt you will meet your goal, and motivate others along the way. You can DO it!


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