The One with Christmas 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas / Frohe Weinachten 2014!

The kids are napping. The wrapping paper and packaging is all sorted into the correct recycling bins. And I told myself I wasn't going to clean up anything today, I was just gonna let it all go. Ha. Who was I kidding :) Everything is already put away and sorted. My bad.

Last night Chris made a big fancy dinner for Christmas Eve. He even made a whole green bean casserole just for me because he doesn't like green beans. Sad story: he left the yummy scalloped potatoes in the oven to cook a bit longer and totally forgot about them until this morning after all the presents had been unwrapped :( Such a bummer, all that hard work was all for not. But, we still have lots of turkey, stuffing, and casserole for Christmas dinner. 
Confession: I don't like wrapping presents. Or cooking. They're such temporary things! You eat, you're done. Hours and hours of work for only a few minutes of happiness. Same with wrapping - you can spend hours making something pretty and it's all torn to shreds within seconds and no one remembers what the packaging looks like, only what's inside. That's why I like scrapbooking - I can work on something for hours and I have something to show for it that will hopefully last for generations. ANYWAY! Negative Nancy or what?! Haha. I don't like cooking or wrapping presents, but I do like lots of other things like photography and art and reading so on and so forth.
Janey was the first to wake up this morning at 6:30am. Fox woke up once he heard the commotion so we sat in the hallway and looked through stockings and I let them eat candy for breakfast. Fox makes the funniest faces! He's such a character.
Fox wanted Legos for Christmas. Jane wanted dinosaurs.
I got a new camera strap and a right-hand ring. Chris got lots and lots of books.
I'm so thankful for my family. I really miss being with my parents and siblings around the holidays, we have so many fun traditions like eating Yummy Teriyaki for Christmas Eve dinner then going to Target and picking out $5 gifts for each other and opening them up after reading the story of Christ's birth from a book each of our families has, then we watch the How the Ghosts Stole Christmas episode of X-Files. Sigh. Things to look forward to in a couple years! I love my family, I'm so thankful for them.

Only 365 more sleeps 'til Christmas :)


  1. AUGH! What a fun Christmas post. We sure miss you. One of these days we'll all be together. Maybe even in Wallace.

    For Christmas Eve dinner, we had Costco "flautas", then we bundled up and went on a walk through the residential part of Wallace to see the pretty houses. Then we read from the Christmas book and watched A Christmas Carol. It was fun but kinda lonely.

    I watched the Christmas X-Files episode all by my lonesome in the afternoon. That's such a fun episode. Only the Taylor family would appreciate it, though.

    Whelp! Merry Christmas! Love you and miss you tons!

  2. Loving the photos!! I hate wrapping presents too ... I guess that's why I never perfected that craft! LOL!! My wrappings look like Brookie did it! HA!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Can't wait for all of us and eventually the baby cousins to be together for Christmas!!! :)


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