The One with Insta-Lately December 26th Edition

Friday, December 26, 2014

It's fun to post "insta-lately" updates every couple of months to see what we've been up to according to my phone and instagram (@paigetaylorevans). Some of these pics I've already blogged about, but this is a round-up so forgive me for double-posting a few.

1) I was workin' on a li'l somethin' somethin' for Shimelle. 2) Fox trick-or-treating like a pro. 3) From our annual family photoshoot in Grafenwöhr. 4)  This mint green house is my favorite Thai restaurant around - appropriately called Thailand Food. It's not in a strip mall, or downtown in a big metropolis, or in a fancy building - it's a random house up an unmarked street in the middle of a clearing in the forest. The charms of rural Germany!

1) I signed up to receive monthly "Happy Mail" kits from A Beautiful Mess. $15 for all this and more? YES PLEASE! 2) My happy scrappy space! IKEA everything. I hang layouts as I finish them on the wall above my computer. A total of 20 layouts displayed at once then I take them all down and start fresh. It helps me see what I've done recently at a glance and to try new things. 3) The beginning stages of an Amy Tangerine STITCHED layout. 4) Throwback Thursday picture from one year ago when we visited vivacious, vibrant, and vivid Vienna, Austria. All the colored rooftops - be still my heart and take me back!

1) I loved the colors of the leaves on a drive through the random backwoods of Germany. 2) So fun to be a contributor in the 25 DAYS class at Studio Calico! 3) Sneak of a layout I made for UK-based docrafts. 4) Sneak of one of the layouts I made for Elle's Studio's Celebrate December event! PS - I have something fun to announce in the next couple weeks involving Elle's Studio ;)

1) The colorful tiles of Lisbon. 2) Airbnb reposted my photo I shared of our view from the apartment we rented in Lisbon! Woot woot! 3) I had about a dozen lady friends over for dinner and to watch Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. These are all the treats we brought. This is what happens when girlies get together - lots of yummy food to go around! 4) A few of the books I made for the 2000th blog post giveaway a few weeks (months? I'm not even sure, time blends together these days!) ago.

1) Getting some lunch with Chris in the Grafenwöhr food court. It's a little slice of America in Germany. Except there are Army men in their ACUs everywhere I look. Took me awhile to get used to this! 2) Flashback Friday photo of Venice, Italy - we were on our way there exactly one year ago today! No words can adequately describe how much love I have for this place. 3) Natalie Elphinstone shared this photo of Studio Calico color theory inks and the rainbow made my heart happy. 4) One afternoon Jane was so tired she conked out on the couch.

1) Fox and Jane being Fox and Jane outside the car repair shop. 2) Deutscheland ist wunderschön! 3) Deck the halls? Check! 4) One of the many super cute buildings in Grafenwöhr.

1) Fox rocks. 2) Rain rain go away. Or stay. So I can take cute picture of Jane. 3) Summer took pictures of me and Janey modeling winter gear. I love this moment she captured. 4) Home Sweet Home. Even a year later, this is still my favorite picture of Germany.

1) Obligatory Christmas jam jams pic! Thanks Malm/Grandma for said jam jams! 2) A few of my "retired" @studio_calico cut files are/were available again for a limited time only as a bundle with a bunch of other amazing cut files for a steal of a price - 30 CUT FILES for $30. Find the cut files here: . 3) It snowed the first day of December! How appropriate! 4) I've had lots of requests for more "boy" colored pacifier clips so solids, ginghams, and stripes it is! My etsy shop: pagebypaige.

1) Grafenwöhr Christmas market 2014. 2) Cuties ready for snow. 3) Matchy matchy for church! 4) My life revolves around Google Calendar. If it's not there, it ain't gonna happen.

1) Peek of my December Daily! 2) My hot date for a Friday night a couple weeks ago: torn pieces of patterned paper. Cuz my real life hot date was at a manly movie I just didn't wanna see! 3) Fox figured out how to drag a chair into the kitchen and make toast all by himself. So funny to walk in and see this. 4) My mom's tassel garlands brighten up every holiday 'round here. Her etsy shop is Tassel Love.

1) Classic Santa's lap picture. 2) I was going through old photos on my phone and found the ones Amelia Lyon took when Fox was only a few weeks old. Such treasures. 3) I miss baby Fox! Uh oh, am I getting baby hungry? :) 4) I tried and failed to start a new hashtag but that's okay, it was still fun to create a photo with a bunch of recent layouts.

1) Table, paper, table, paper, what's the dif? They're both made from trees afterall right?! Fox was making a beautiful mess and I was trying my darndest not to intervene and just let him be creative. 2) Bavarian to the max. 3) When can I move in? 4) I've been sharing some older layouts recently while I wait until I can share new stuff.

1) This is the caption I posted with this photo: "I can already tell it's going to be a super reverent and peaceful, filled with the spirit, and enlightening Christmas program at church today with these two... :)" They actually were pretty well behaved during church thank goodness! 2) I love when Rachel and Joey canoodle. 3) Ibid. 4) Another older layout - I made this when Chris was at bootcamp. I scrapped soooo much while he was gone because it helped me relax.

1) Another picture of my December Daily. 2) Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Oh how I love half-timbered buildings. 3) The photo I shared yesterday on Christmas! 4) An authentic, not staged or posed, peek into a typical moment in our lives. Kinda messy, mostly happy, a little bit of chaos, and a lot of love.

 That about sums it up the past couple months! Sans traveling. Cuz those got their own mega-posts :)


  1. Love this! So beautiful moments in it. :)

  2. Awesome recap Paige! Each moment is so fun, unique and special.

  3. Love all these pics! Baby hungry???????????????

  4. Colorful, vibrant and exciting-that sums up this glorious post!PS: I was in Venice this past summer and LOVED it! George Clooney followed us shortly after...with his entourage and EPIC wedding.


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