The One with the Ward Christmas Party 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The primary presidency was in charge of planning the ward Christmas party this year and since I'm a primary teacher I tried to help out as much as I could. I knew when I saw the primary president, Bekah, busting out a measuring tape to get the size of the rooms we were in for a real treat. She put on the most amazing Christmas party I've ever been to. The theme was "A Night in Bethlehem" and nearly every square inch of the church was decked to the nines to look like ancient Bethlehem. From the food to the music and smells, to people's costumes and attire - it was wonderful and really helped bring in the spirit.

Thank you to Tasha for picking some of the photos I took and putting them in order on her blog - saved me a lot time :)

The front entrance with a decree calling everyone to be taxed.
Signing the census.
The guards.
As you entered you were stopped at the treasury and/or money lenders. 
Then you either donated a toy and received a bag of "money" (15 clay coins) or... could fill out a "Promissory note" and dedicate your time/services in exchange for a bag of dinero. With the coins you could "buy" food, pay to get your picture taken, give a coin or two to play a game, or do an activity, etc. So clever!
Welcome welcome!
This was taken at the beginning of the evening - by the end of the night the table was absolutely filled to the brim and doubled over with donations.
Forgot to dress up in ancient clothes? Don't worry, you could rent your garb.
Ornament and Coloring.
Before the party officially began I took a bunch of pictures. This was the main room with booths set up with various kinds of food.
Everyone pitched in their antique knick knacks and flea market finds to add to the feeling of Bethlehem.
Mad decorating skillz.
Photobooth backdrop.
A well filled with (bottled) water.
Too legit to quit!
Upstairs in the primary room Bekah built a nativity with her own two hands. She is amazing. This piece is now sitting on her front lawn.
This was one of the pieces I contributed: a "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD" cardboard banner. I actually didn't know where it was going to hang so I made it super long with the intention that it could be cut apart and strung in rows. It must have been divine intervention that it fit this spot to perfection :)
Keeping the kiddos entertained.
Our lovely ward members.
  The missionaries!
Tera took wonderful family photos.
Love these families.
Chris and the kids didn't come - they weren't feel too hot so they stayed home. But hopefully through these pictures they can feel like they were there :)

It's the most wonderful time of the year - "CHRIST"mas!


  1. Looks like an amazing party!!! LOVING the photos!! And hoping Chris and the kids feel better soon!!!!

  2. Looks very authentic! That's awesome that your banner fit so perfectly!

  3. That's an impressive party! LOVE the family cute! Sorry your family couldn't make it. :(

  4. Holy cow! That is amazing! She did an amazing job! And I love your banner!!

  5. That's soooo wonderful! One of the first Christmas parties we had in Redmond was "A Night in Bethlehem". I was on the decorating/planning committee but one by one, everyone else schlinked out so the night of the party, I was IT. But talk about divine intervention! It was PERFECT! We turned out all the lights in the cultural hall and had lamps everywhere for very subtle lighting. I manned a "spice shop" and everyone would come by for samples of spices. It was pretty coolio. I'm glad you got to go to Bethlehem for Christmas. One of these days you'll go to the REAL Bethlehem.


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