The One with What is Snow?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

These two SoCal-born kiddos need someone to show them what to do with all this white stuff...
Honestly I have no idea what they were even looking at... the only thing in that direction is our small hill?
Oh, and we forgot to bring our much-loved-and-used toboggan and sleds from Los Angeles... I kid. We have no snow toys. Note to self: buy some! Cuz they've resorted to using the pooper scooper...

Pretty much darling.
Watching the flurries fall.
Raking the day away.
I love watching them play in the freezing cold snow while I'm warm and toasty on the inside :) If they're happy, I'm happy!


  1. Loveeeeee these ... especially the pooper scooper! LOL!!!! LOVE that!!!

  2. omg. the pooper scooper bit is hilarious! and getting to watch them cold outside while you're warm inside - you're a girl after my own heart (born and raised in florida - cold is ugh!).

  3. Great photos of the kidlets! And way to improvise with the pooper scooper!! HA!

  4. LOL! This totally cracks me up! Can't wait to see you scrap these cuties!

  5. So cute!! You must get a bob (der Bob that is...)!! My daughter loves it when there's snow :) Lovely photos!


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