Biberwier Rodelbahn

Friday, July 8, 2016

We woke up to a beautiful morning in Reutte, Austria.
We threw open the doors and enjoyed the "grade 1" mountain air. So refreshing and smells oh so good!
Sour Patch Kids for breakfast?... Guilty as charged.
But then we also had a German breakfast.
Reutte made a nice little homebase for the evening and it was in a gorgeous setting.
Can you spot the new "Highline 179" Suspension Bridge?
When we first moved here back in 2013 we bought all the European Rick Steves books. This suspension bridge was built in 2014, after our books were published, so we didn't know about it!! Upon googling it just now, WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!

Anyway, back to our recap!
Near Reutte are the ruins of Ehrenberg Castle. It's an ensemble of four castles built to defend against the Bavarians and to bottle up the strategic Via Claudia trade route which cut through the Alps as it connected Italy to Germany.   
Then we reached the longest, most scenic alpine slide in Tirol, the Biberwier Luge Course!
At 4,250 feet, the Biberwier sommerrodelbahn is awesome, and the setting is absolutely breathtaking. We bought enough tickets for all the adults (kids were free) to ride three times and took the lift to the top.
Me and my Janey girl on the chair lift.
After Chris took Fox with him down the first run, Nana offered to take Fox so Chris could go by himself. He took the opportunity to do three things: film, not use the breaks, and crash.

He was only a little worse for wear with some minor luge rash on his knee and a little sore on his back. But, he thinks it was all worth it since he got it on video.
We had a blast riding every single time, and even bought a few more rides so we could take a fourth go at it. If you're ever in the area and want to do an Alpine Slide in THE Alps, this is the one to go to!
Last stop on this whirlwind 48 hour adventure: Linderhof Palace.

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  1. How awesome is that?!?!?! (Minus Chris's!!) ... what a fun time you all must have had!!!!!!!!!!!!


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