Rotterdam, Netherlands

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Just across the way from where we were staying is the city of Rotterdam. Home to largest port in the world, Rotterdam is at the heart of a maze of rivers and artificial waterways that together form the outlet of the Rhine and Meuse rivers.
After devastating damage during WWII, Rotterdam has grown into a vibrant city dotted with cultural attractions and funky architecture. 
Our first stop was St. Laurenskerk. This 15th century church is a mighty brick pile rebuilt after bomb damage in 1940.
Then we moseyed over towards Blaak, a one-time working class neighborhood that was comprehensively leveled during the war, but has since been rebuilt in a full flush of modern design.
The architectural highpoint of the area is the Kubuswoningen, or Cube House built in 1984 and designed by Piet Blom. 
Each cube is a three-level apartment with the "trunk" serving as an entryway, staircase to the living areas, and storage. So funky. 

Each house is supposed to represent a tree, with all the houses together forming a forest. 
Then it was on to another eye-popping piece of architecture: the Markthal. 
It's a combo residential/office building with a market hall in the middle. It opened in 2014.
We browsed, looking for treats. 
"Donut" mind if I do!
Back out to the streets.
Ultimate window shopping. Why-oh-why didn't this store open until noon?!

Mmmmmm, this lavender smelled divine.
Eventually we found ourselves at the Stadhuis, or city hall. This is one of the few old buildings left in the city center. It was built between 1914 and 1920 and miraculously survived the 1940 bombing raids.
This mural was right outside the parking garage so we snapped a pic of me'n'my-boy before loading up and heading out.
Our family in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Monday July 11th 2016.
Onto the next city! Delft.

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  1. Ok ... I need to live in those cubed houses ... how AWESOME are those?!?!?!?!


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