Jane at 4

Thursday, July 28, 2016

And just like that another year has come and gone! Tomorrow Jane will be 16! But really, she just turned 4 and it's gone by in the blink of an eye.
 Jane's nickname is Sweet & Sour - she's always either 100% sweet or 100% sour, there is no in-between. It amazes me how two kids born from the same parents with pretty much the same surroundings and upbringing can have a totally different personalities. That's genetics for ya!

Some quirks about Jane: she is so klutzy! She's the only member in our family to have broken a bone. Can you spot the big ol' bruise on her cheek in the pic above? She got that shiner from the see-saw at the park yesterday. She falls off chairs and bumps into things all the time. I don't know if I should be worried?? Chris says I'm quite klutzy too so maybe like mother like daughter. She has a high tolerance for pain though and usually just makes a frownie face for a few seconds after she gets hurt and then goes along on her merry way. 

She still IDOLIZES Fox. When looking back through photos of our kiddos, I swear in 95% of them she is looking at Fox to see what she should be doing instead of looking at the camera. Whatever he's doing she wants to do, whatever he's eating she wants to eat, whatever he's playing with she wants to play with too, whatever game they're figuring out on iPads she wants to try, wherever he is she wants to be too. I don't have an older sibling so I don't know what that's like, but it sure is sweet to watch. I hope Fox always takes good care of her and watches over her, though funnily enough it's the opposite right now: Jane is always protecting Fox and making sure people are nice to him at school.
A day in the life of Jane:
7:00am - wake up
7:15am - eat "red cereal" (Lucky Charms)
8:00am-12:00pm - preschool with Fox
12:00pm - lunch. She loves "fries with black spots" (aka pepper) from Popeye's
1:30pm - nap time! She still takes a 2.5-3 hour nap every day!
4:00pm - play with Fox, read with mom, color, etc.
5:00pm - dinner
6:00pm - play with Dad, watch a show, play games on the iPad
6:30pm - bath time!
7:00pm - popcorn time!
7:30pm - bed time!
Here are some funny things Jane has said lately, I could always do better writing these down because goodness kids say the darndest things!

High heel shoes are called Dashels. (What the what??)

Pink flamingo = flinkamingo

“It’s poop!” (She changed the title of the “games” folder on the iPad to poop emojis.)

"I love mom. I love Fox. I hate Dad. And I love me." (Chris had put Fox on time out earlier in the day. I told ya, she's very protective of her big brother!)

She just learned how to say "yellow" properly and every now and again she'll come up to me just to prove it and say "YELL" "OH". But then ask her to say it fast and she reverts right back to "lello."
What is your favorite color? Blue.
What is your favorite toy? A red dragon toy.
What is your favorite food? Nachos.
What is your favorite show? Rio.
What is your favorite game? Monster game.
What is your favorite snack? Sour Patch Kids.
What is your favorite animal? Fat kitty.
What is your favorite book? Plants vs Zombie book.
What is your favorite song? Shake Shake (Shake it Off).
What is your favorite holiday? Ice cream (??? lol).
Who is your best friend? Tessa and Evelyn.
What do you like to do outside? Play and not be loud.
What is your favorite drink? Milk and orange juice.
What do you want for dinner? Bisgetti.
What do you like for breakfast? Mommy's cereal (frosted mini wheats).
What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a dragon.
Love you sweet Jane!


  1. I started following your blog shortly after Fox was born. Jane is 4. Yup, Jane is 4. Amazing, she is beautiful and I love following your amazing family.

    Someday I will run into in Disneyland.........#lifegoals

    Enjoy her special day - :)

  2. Awwwwwwwwww what a sweetie!!! I am late to the party.. but BIG HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Jane!! She is such a cutie!!!! LOVING reading about her quirks!!!! And my 2 are COMPLETE opposites too -- so I feel ya!!!!! Hope she had a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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