Delft, Netherlands

Sunday, July 17, 2016

After a fun morning in Rotterdam, we made the short drive to Delft. 
Love, love, love!

Delft is a city with a rich history and a wealthy past. Its look today was defined in 1536, when lightning struck the spire of the New Church, starting a fire that destroyed two-thirds of the town. While all the buildings that ring the Market Square have cellars dating from before the fire, what you see above ground made of brick was built after 1536. 
The Evans family in Delft, the Netherlands on Monday July 11th 2016.
I love Dutch canals.
The giant, Gothic New Church boldly presides over the town and the square. Inside are buried the beloved Dutch ruler William I of Orange and the Dutch royalty that succeeded him. 

Just down from the church on the square is a tribute to Delft's printing heritage. A Bible hangs on the corner recalling the first printed Dutch Bible that was printed here in 1477.
The square has never really been renovated so everything is charmingly intact.

Eventually we left the Markt square and explored the nearby streets. Along the Oude Delft Canal is the headquarters of the Water Authority with a fancy facade covered in the colorful coats of arms from various 17th century Water Authority directors. 
Just behind the Prinsenhof is an old herb-garden-turned-park that holds a statue honoring William, considered the founder of the Netherlands.
Delft has a 400 year tradition of porcelain. The only color that could survive the extremely hot fire of the Chinese porcelain technique they used was blue, so blue and white is the color of the famous Delftware porcelain.
The tower of the Old Church peeking above the Prinsenhof complex. Leaning Tower of Delft I tell ya!
Could this street be any cuter? #chandlerbing

One of the highlights of the day? Stumbling upon a pet store! I want this bunny!!!!
Delft details:

Darling doors of Delft. 

We walked to the east end of town to check out the Oostport. The gate was built around 1400 and it is the only remaining city gate in the city. 
Want to know what it is now? Someone's house! Coolest. House. Ever.
More uber charming alleys.

Back on the square to hunt down a magnet.

When in the Netherlands, take pictures of your kids in huge clogs.
As we were walking back to the car, we got "barged."
Next recap: Scheveningen!

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