April 2019 Highlights

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Here's what we were up to in April!
I move things around a lot in my room and enjoy this particularly colorful view. Just like the metal sign on the wall says, this is my happy place :)

I was really good about keeping up in my planner for a couple months, and then I got overwhelmed by it but I hope to get back into the swing of things!
 We inherited a piano from a lady in our church and we immediately signed Fox & Jane up for lessons. I'm so proud of them! I took piano lessons from when I was 8-18 and haven't done much with it since. I bought a book of piano classics and have been working on re-learning Clair de Lune by Debussy.

These daffodils popped up and were oh so beautiful! Then it snowed and killed them, whomp whomp.
 Fox's 2nd grade class put on a performance which was so cute and fun.

Date night! We went to Perry's steak house and it was sooooo yummy.
 Speaking of food. There are still numerous places we have yet to try around here and one of those places was Crave Burgers. I talked Chris into getting the doughnut burger and I got something Hawaiian and delicious.

More food :) Once in awhile we get a Freshly or Blue Apron box and they're always so delicious!
Moments with Jane. 1) She stood in my scrap room and saw a layout with her wearing crazy clothes so she immediately ran upstairs, changed into this awesomeness, and asked me to take her photo. Done and done! 2) Sometimes I take photos of her to specifically match layouts. I was making a monochromatic yellow page (which I'll share on iNSD this Saturday!) so I put her in a yellow outfit and took her outside to take pics on the painted patio. 3) Another instance where I needed a photo for a layout! I asked Janey girl to come sit and scrap which she does anyway but this one is staged lol. 4) I took Janey to the mall with me and she got a cute beanie boo and doughnut. Love hanging with my girly girl!

We signed the kids up for swimming lessons at one of the four local rec centers.
 Haylie hosted an Easter egg hunt the week before Easter and it snowed the night before! That didn't stop us though. In fact, I think it made the hunt easier because the colorful eggs popped right out of the white snow.

The kids had a total blast.

That night Jane was complaining of a tooth ache so we went to Chris' office and I helped assist him filling her cavity. That was a new experience! While he was digging around in her mouth he pulled out her two super duper loose bottom teeth. She got her very first visit from the tooth fairy that night.

About half of the days in April have been really warm and nice, nice enough to start playing in the backyard again! The grass is green, the buds are popping up on bushes and trees. It's so refreshing to have everything coming back to life after such a harsh winter.
 Oh hey! That's me! So surreal and crazy! Pop into your JoAnn stores and see if you can find my Horizon collection! Or you can order it online and have it delivered or pick up in store. Lots of options for getting it into your hands :)

I'm still so devastated about the Notre Dame fire.
 Jane covered me in her beanie boo collection.

The kids had a day off of school so we went to Fox's favorite for lunch - Freddy's.
I haven't ridden a bike in probably 8 years! Gasp! In my defense, I had a bike when we lived in California all those years ago but it was stolen. I finally found one I liked and when it was delivered I built it all by myself. Girl power :)
Testing it out. After this video was taken I raised the seat and handle bars to the proper heights.
What a glorious morning!
 The day before Easter our neighborhood had a progressive Easter egg hunt. About 8 families hid eggs in their backyard and then we went from house to house letting the kids find them. It was fun to see how everyone has decorated their yards.

These real painted eggs from Prague make me so happy.
 Our family on Easter Sunday 2019.

Easter egg cut files which you can find in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook group!

Bathroom selfie.
 Chris made a delicious Easter dinner.
Soaking up the sun again before it snowed. When we woke up to snow after it was 74 degrees the day before Fox & Jane asked, "Why is Colorado broken?" Lol.
 Mixed media madness!
 For an upcoming guest spot with Shimmerz Paints.
 I got my hairs did! Chopped off about 8" and am slowly trying to transition to blonde. After dyeing my hair red for so many years it all might have to grow out before it really changes. Love having a new do and feeling about 10 pounds lighter!
 Join me in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook group this Saturday for interNational Scrapbook Day festivities!
Another month has come and gone, can't believe it's already May! Feels like it was Christmas just yesterday and now we're almost halfway there again!


  1. What an AWESOME month you guys had!!!! LOVING all the photos!!! I'm with Fox, those fries at Freddy's are the BEST!!! YUM!!!!!! Love love love your hair!!! It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! A little reminder of how sweet "everyday" life is!


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