November 2019 Highlights

Sunday, December 1, 2019

November FLEW right by! And now it's December! How?! Just like this entire year, this month was a blur and here are a few highlights:

My new rule is it's okay to start decorating for Christmas once it starts snowing and you may recall from my October 2019 Highlights, that that happened mid-October. Don't worry, I didn't put up the Christmas tree before even Halloween lol, but not long after we busted 'em out! Bring on all the colors of Christmas.
I just liked this light coming through the windows this one morning while eating breakfast with Chris.
I moved this three-tiered basket full of mini albums to a different spot in my scrap room.
A box with some of my next collection with Pink Paislee arrived!! Sneaks will start late December I believe so keep your eyes peeled! The full reveal will be in January at Creativation. Can't wait!
November was a prolific crafty month for me! From top left to bottom right: Honfleur, France Mini Album // Sketch & Stitch Sugar Skull Layout // Beautifall Layout // Cut File Card Trio // Mini Envelopes Layout // Wonder Layout. I also made another mini album which will be up here tomorrow.
My favorite burger place, Crave, came out with the most divine pumpkin shake with a whole slice of pumpkin pie in it. So so so so yummy. Back on the wagon tomorrow, ha!
Friends + Legos = winning combo!
I found these cute wooden sleds at the dollar spot in Target and first thought they'd make excellent & festive storage for December Daily supplies, then I thought I'd turn one into a MemoryDex for my December Daily, but I have no idea where I'd store it, so they will be used to hold supplies :) My MemoryDex this year will be a handmade mini album focused on my 25 Days of Christmas Cut Files (see the last photo in this blog post for more info).
Paula posted this image on her instagram. It's an advent calendar also from Target filled with Christmas supplies. I immediately grabbed one. How cute AND functional!!
Fox making Christmas colorings at church.
This is the free cut file I included in my 6th Newsletter. Have you signed up? Click here to join.
For Activity Days we made these easy, colorful leaf wreaths.
Here is Jane's completed wreath with things she's grateful for written on the leaves. Adorbs.
I posted this across social media: "Throwing it back this Thursday to a very special time in my life. When I was 16 years old my parents wanted me to get a job so my mom and I drove around Redmond, Washington and picked up applications to Safeway, Party City, and Hallmark. Then we went into a little scrapbook store called Yesterdays Scrapbooking & Stuff. Truth be told I kind of rolled my eyes because I thought scrapbooking was something only old ladies did (I know I'm sorry!!!). They didn't even have any applications, they just wrote down my name and phone number. Imagine my surprise when they called me in for an interview! During the interview we just clicked and I was hired. The very first time I put photos and stickers together on pretty patterned papers I was hooked. That was over 18 years ago now! So much of my life has revolved around scrapbooking, I wonder what it would be like if I had not gotten that job? One day literally changed the course of my life! And I'm so thankful! I still keep the business card up in my Happy Scrappy Place to remind me of how lucky I was to work at this store. Check out 16-year-old Paige holding a little booklet of Making Memories rub-on letters - who remembers those?!"
JOEY! He's so cute.
I flew down to Texas and taught three classes at Little Craft Place including coptic bookbinding where at the end we took this picture of all the finished books lined up. Recap coming soon!
When Chris brings Triscuits & cheese up to bed Joey and Rachel immediately follow and expect some tidbits. They can smell it from a mile away!
We saw Frozen 2 with some of the Evans family. I absolutely LOVED it! More so than the first one which hardly ever happens! Love that I can listen to the catchy soundtrack on Amazon Music.
Malalam! This room is calling your name!
I brought Rachel the cat, Phoebe the bunny, and Monica the guinea pig (just missing Joey the dog and Star the fish which can't leave his tank haha) into this room to let loose and run around. They're all so cute.
This view of Highlands Ranch never gets old and always looks beautifully different.
It snowed.
A whole bunch.
Free cut files in my Facebook Group - Happy Scrappy Place!

We all watched Klaus together on Netlix - even the dog and cat joined in on the fun! I LOVED it! Yay for good movies! Speaking of movies, I also took myself to Charlie's Angels which was entertaining enough and Doctor Sleep which was so bad it makes me never want to see a movie ever again... That didn't last long though because I saw Frozen the next weekend ;)
We went to Utah for Thanksgiving which was a blast.
Have you signed up for my 25 Days of Christmas Cut files for $25? Every day you are emailed a new and exclusive design - your very own crafty advent! Let me know if you are interested with your PayPal email in a comment below or email me ( and I can send an invoice.
November 2019 - check!


  1. Agreed that November literally FLEW BY!!!! Seriously ...crazy how fast it went!!! November was hard on us, as sadly, our 19 year old dog passed away ... so now me and the whole family are a little lost without him. I love love love all the photos you shared! Loving that Friends Lego set, and that shake looks YUMMY AMAZING!!!!

  2. I wanna PIN your whole post, LOL! Even your dishes are to die for :D How cozy are you watching movies with Rachel and Joey. You're right, they're all dang cute. I noticed your little Jane is also grateful for Unicorns, that made me smile. Please let Jane know I'm impressed by her penmanship. Now that drink with the slice of pie, that's some crazy wonderful, hahaha! I don't know if I'd have the hutzpa to order it, but I could probably help someone eat theirs :D Thanks for sharing, I smiled all the way through and hurray for a super creative month! xK


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