June 2022 Highlights

Friday, July 1, 2022

 I didn't think we did much in June, but then as I was going through photos I realized we sure did! That's what I love about these monthly highlights, it helps me remember the bountiful good times.

We met our sister-in-law Leti for the very first time! She and Chris' brother Nick got married in February 2021 and they've been working to legally get her into the country ever since. So glad she finally got her tourist visa and we can see her more often!

Hi beautiful Leti!
Nick, Leti, Jay, Haylie, Landon, Quinn, and Kylie came over for a bit and the kids had fun dog piling on Uncle Nick.
Jane and I got our first manicure together.
The nail tech was insistent on putting flowers and butterflies on our nails lol.
I needed lots of new scrap material - enter photogenic Jane!
Fox did a Lego Pokemon camp with his best friend.
Staci from Chris' work gave us her daughter's old motorized scooter and this kids have been having a total blast zipping around the neighborhood.
Girls Day!
The last time Jane got her hair cut was in March of 2019. Over 3 years later, it had grown well past her waist and was getting difficult to manage. She finally made the decision to get it cut and looks so darling with her new 'do.
We went to Cherry Creek Mall for the first time and found a fun photo op.
I had no idea these kinds of shops were close by, I feel like I'm in Vegas haha!
Me throughout the month.
I have really been trying to relax more.
I read 5.5 books in June - all by Nicholas Sparks. You may remember I got his complete collection of 22 books a few months ago so I'm reading them in publication order. I started with The Notebook last month and got through 5.5 more of them in June. If there is a movie we watch that right after. The book is always better :)
Oh. My. Goodness. One of our very favorite bands is releasing new music after 9 years and they liked my instagram comments. I'm such a dweeb lol. We're flying to Tulsa to see them in August, that's how much we love them.

Jilly Billy all loved up in my arm crook.
This is the absolute best thing in the whole wide world for me.
The feeling is mutual kitties!
Amy and Jill throughout the month. They're just the cutest.
Kitty paws in the carpet after vacuuming.
They haven't been the best at outside time. They're fast and don't like to come back in. Jill climbed about 30 feet up a pine tree and another time she jumped over the fence into the neighbor's yard. However the last time I let them out they were very good and stayed on the patio with me. When it was time to go back inside I lured them in by having them chase a strand of ribbon.
Two weeks after the baby birds flew away, Berry and Cherry laid another 5 eggs and two weeks later they hatched! I can't believe how close they had these clutches! 
One afternoon I took Fox and Jane to the Aurora Reservoir.
Perfect summer day!
Target run!
I took them to Texas Roadhouse by myself for lunch when I had errands to run up by one. We love Texas Roadhouse.
They were so totally stoked to find themselves on explosion boxes in Michaels. They felt famous :)
Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the whole wide world!
I made this entire meal from start-to-finish all by myself. That's a huge deal my friends.
We went to Los Dos Potrillos for the first time and it was yummy!
The sopapilla bites for dessert was the best part.
We only saw one movie in the theater in June, for shame lol. It was okay. Nothing beats Top Gun :)
I started watching Outlander and I'm obsessed. It actually gets me excited to walk on the treadmill having this show to watch.
Staci's daughter works at Honey B's and gave us these awesome Avalanche macarons! Let's go Avs!
I must confess, I am a new fan. Not just to the Avs, but to sports in general. My whole life I haven't really cared all that much, but as I've gotten older, I've joined in the fun and anticipation a bit here and there :) As the Avs progressed in the playoffs, I became a bigger and bigger fan lol! I've been to a Vegas Knights game before and we went to a DU hockey game in January. But I'd never been to an Avs game before. So we went! Game 5 of 7. (I sold "Makar" to get these tickets! Get it? Lol). This could be it!

We boarded the train to the Ball Arena and it was packed!
The excitement was palpable! Everyone was sooooooo ready to bring home the Stanley Cup!
First thing's first, I got myself a jersey so I can wear it to any and all future games. Now I'm legit :)
Warm ups!!
Let the game begin!
Dude it was so loud. Chris brings ear plugs to the games. I brought some too but took them out because I felt like I was missing out with them in.
Unfortunately we lost 3 to 2. But goodness when we scored those 2 goals, I almost cried with happiness! It would have been sooooo cool to see the whole Stanley Cup festivities that night, but it wasn't meant to be. However....

Two days later in Tampa they won!!!!!!!
The Colorado Avalanche won the 2022 Stanley Cup!!! It's been 21 years since their last win and it was just so fun to watch them all be so happy and proud! They did it!
Congrats Avs! Let's do it again next year!

I didn't get to go to the Evans Family Reunion this year, but the pics Chris sent sure made my jelly!

On the scrappy front!

I only shared 3 projects this month, but not for a lack of creating, so much is in the works (I know I keep saying that, but all in good time!): Happiness Blooms from Within Layout // Splendid MemoryDex Cards // Right Now Layout 

I designed 9 free cut files in June: 4 for Scrapbook & Cards Today, 3 for my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group, and 2 for my Newsletters.

During my "summer break" I am catching up on creating things that have been on the backburner, such as replenishing my stash of handmade thank you cards. I used Splendid and my Pie Chart Heart Cut File to create 16 cards pretty quickly.

After finishing the cards I got to work on creating the mini album sample for my class at She Loves Color!
I will have an option to take a virtual class this fall - details coming soon!
After finishing the mini album sample I got to work creating MemoryDex trays and the cards for our upcoming swap at the Splendid Weekend event next month. I went through all 12 of my scrapbook collections and pulled my favorite papers which of course are florals.
I came up with the initial card design and then created 55 more exactly the same.
Machine stitching around every single butterfly took some patience, but now it's done and I'm ready for the swap!
I signed the backs of all of them.
Ready to swap!
The Create & Connect event with Pinkfresh Studio was announced - there is still time to join in the fun here
Splendid is in some JoAnn stores!
The Summer 2022 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine released and I couldn't think of a better place to read it than the beach.
I received the first samples of Garden Shoppe and I'm in loooooove! I still have a few pre-orders left - grab one HERE!
Next task on my to-do list: making swag for A Splendid Weekend.
I had lots of scraps leftover from the MemoryDex trays so I made small and medium buttons.
Counting down the days until the sold out in-person event here in Colorado next month.
I used this pic as inspiration for one of my upcoming layouts in the Fall 2022 issue of SCT.
The last week of June I went live in the Scrapbook & Cards Today Sampler Facebook group to show how to create this grid-design layout from start-to-finish using the June SCT Sampler which features Splendid.
The rest of the month I spent prepping a 4th of July mini album! I shared a PDF with affiliate linked supplies HERE.
I'm using basically any red,white & blue supplies I can get my hands on.
Quilts make the best inspiration for scrapbooking - the little fabric pieces translate perfectly to patterned paper pieces. I scoured Pinterest and Instagram finding quilts to create out-of-pocket pages for my album.
Here are a few of the pages in progress.
Check out my Highlights to see the process of creating this album and I'll be sharing the completed project here next month! Just gotta wait for the big day so I can take pics and add them into the album :)
Never a dull moment, I've got the next project started: I'm teaching 3 upcoming classes (2 in person, one for an exclusive virtual event) so I'll have a virtual option with kits for all 3 classes! I'll have 3 different Splendid kits to make 6 layouts and 2 mini albums. All the details coming soon, just waiting for some missing patterned papers.
Soaking up the sun coming through the windows. Since we're past the summer equinox, all the days will get shorter from now until December 21st. But who's keeping track?? (Me that's who lol).
And last but certainly not least, I announced my 24 Days of Summer Cut Files - I hope you'll join in the fun!
Wow what a month! 2022 is halfway done can you believe it?!

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  1. Well you sure filled up the month with all manner of fun and food. I know you work out but I still can't believe what you eat and stay slim! I don't know where that rocky hiking place is, but wow! Spectacular! I must say, I wasn't surprised the Avalanche went all the way, heck of a good team! Bravo! Lucky you to go to a game too! I enjoyed watching the games they played against the Oilers even though we lost. They got da skills 4sure. Still, kitty photos trump hockey all day long ! Dang, they are just too cute! Will they appear in your new book? So many exciting scrappy things coming too, I love your '4th of July Album' , it's so festive and fun. Well now, I'm shutting 'er down in the crafty room and off to bed for me! I'm getting up pretty early these days to feed Petals on a schedule. No more crack of 9am for me. Legit, I'm getting so much more done, ha! 💗


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