Wallace, Idaho for the 4th of July

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

We wanted a repeat of last 4th of July when we were all together with my side of the family so once again we booked flights to Spokane, WA then rented a car to drive to my parent’s place in Wallace, ID!

The new lounging areas at the Denver airport are nice. Ready for takeoff!

I could see Wallace from above as we were descending into Spokane.
Coeur d'Alene, ID.
First thing’s first: we stopped at the Walmart in Smelterville for a few groceries and fireworks.
We were ready for lunch by the time we got there so we went to Slab Meat Company and got sandwiches.
I love the patriotism everywhere.
Yummy brisket sandwich!
My parent’s purchased this home a decade or so ago and fixed it up all nice. It doesn’t have enough bedrooms for all of us though so we rented the pink house next door.
Straight away Daisy asked for something to color in and markers. Wish granted!
Our favorite activity from last year was driving to the river so almost immediately after we arrived we headed there.
I was so glad we rented a car so I was able to sit in the front seat up and over and around the mountain pass.
The kids played in the water while my sister and I got some sun and caught up. 
Party poopers :)
Fox decided that talking like Mickey Mouse was funny and since everyone else thought it was funny too, he talked like that the entire trip haha! You can see my dad laughing out loud at Fox’s impression.
Will stop for flowers!
We all took turns cooking meals. Allie and Tate made Cafe Rio salads and even served everyone just like at Cafe Rio. 
So delicious!
It’s become a tradition for Grandma to get all her grandkids matching jammies and here is this year’s edition!
There is cookie dough ice cream in this festive cup.
Sitting out on the porch and chatting is our favorite thing to do while in Wallace. 
Me, my sister, and my brother. We get along really well which I’ve come to realize is very special. Eric is so hilarious.
The next morning, it was supposed to be cold and rainy all day so before anyone else was awake and while the sun was still peeking through, I asked my dad to take our family pics in front of the huge flag.
Amazingly, the weather turned out to be perfect all day so everyone eventually made it back to the flag for all kinds of fun pictures. 
I brought my 4th of July Scrapbook with me! 
Stripes on stripes on stripes!
My dad took us on a walk around Wallace to see anything that’s changed in the last year and find photo ops.
Beautiful clouds hugging the hills.
This pink house is outta this world!
The vintage charm of Wallace matched perfectly with so many of the 4th of July collections I purchased for my scrapbook. It was meant to be!
We stopped in a cafe for scones and a cinnamon roll.
Cute alley.
A couple selfies.
"Jane!" Stand in front of the door and say cheese!"
Our family at the "center of the universe".
The pool is almost done! Although, don’t get me started :) In all the 10 years my parents have had a place here, we have never once been to the pool. Whether because we visited during the off season or it’s been closed for renovations the past few years, we’ve never been. And of course it’s going to open in a few days! We’ll just have to come back and plan our visit specifically around the pool.
Some day kids, some day.
My Uncle and Aunt also have a house here in Wallace.
We loved our morning walk.
Grandma taking over Grandpa Tedder the Gooder and Better’s role of handing out $ to all his grandkids. It brought tears to our eyes remembering this tradition. We miss you Grandpa Ted! 
Eventually everyone was dressed up and ready for their own pics in front of the flag so we went along to get cousin pics.
Me and my Malm.
We came upon a cute and random fairy garden by the gas station.
These posters were hung all around town. I really want to watch the episode but I don't have Paramount+.
Fox was very patient with all his little cousins as they huddled around him watching what he was doing on the iPad.
Dald made his signature chocolate chip cookies and I did partake.
 Could this town BE any cuter?
A must get pic when in Wallace! 
Eric & Tanya made Cincinnati Chili for lunch, always yummy!
Another perfect photo to go along with the 4th of July supplies I gathered for the scrapbook.
We hung around for a bit at the houses and rested up for afternoon activities.
On the 3rd of July the annual Idaho Statehood Day Parade is held throughout town. 
We were a few minutes late but still managed to snag lots of candy! 15 minutes later, it was all over lol!
We were in charge of pie for 4th of July and heard about a place in Smelterville called Mae’s Market with a variety of pies.
We drove out there and picked one up for dinner that night as well as one for 4th of July. Both were delicious!
It was our turn for dinner so we ordered pizzas.
Playing at the playground.
Pie time!
Beautiful sunset.
Just because I love all the colors.
The next morning was the 4th of July! My mom has been dieting and exercising ever since she came to visit us over our 15th anniversary in May. She’s a force to be reckoned with for her dedication! To keep up the momentum, I joined my mom on a couple mile walk down a path I’d never been on.
 It was so fun to chat and burn calories simultaneously. 
We came upon many beautiful wildflowers.
Picturesque Wallace.
My dad got us tickets to the Sierra Silver Mine Tour, just not the mine tour part.
We rode around town and the host told lots of stories that my dad already knew but pretended he didn’t lol.
Ice cream cones for all the kids.
My sister is 8 months pregnant and beautiful as ever. She’s so patient and hard working and the best mom. I’m excited to have a new niece or nephew! We’ll find out soon!
Uncle Eric took Fox on a mini bike ride around the block.
Pic of a pic.

Lighting sparklers and blowing bubbles with Uncle Tate and Aunt Allie.

Traditional: 4th of July dinner: burgers, baked beans, the works.

We all sat around and talked until it was dark enough to light off fireworks.

We lit 3 fireworks, the perfect amount of fun!
On our last morning we hung around at my parent's house watching silly birthday YouTube videos and taking turns having Grandpa wrap the kids like burritos in a blanket. We drove back to Spokane and flew home. All 3 of these pics were taken within 3 minutes of each other as we descended into Denver. City on the right. Country on the left.
We loved our 2nd 4th of July in Wallace and can’t wait to go back when the pool is open and ready for us! :)

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