The One with Dumb Boy Stories

Monday, March 15, 2010

I straightened my hair on Saturday morning for the first time in over a year. This is the "before" picture and I don't even have an after picture to redeem myself. Meh.
It's such a process to straighten it, that's why I hardly every do it. But I did and it reminded me of Junior High/High school when I straightened it frequently and consequently I had a few dreams/flashbacks of dumb boy stories. Prepare to enter my random thoughts.

9th grade. Evergreen Junior High. 3rd period. Science class. I had one of those ginormous calculators where you could type messages and what not (who cares that it could solve complex mathematical problems right?!?). It was the futuristic way of passing notes if you will. The first 30 minutes of 3rd period were for reading. Haha. Yeah right. Let the calculator passing begin. I was sitting next to a boy, let's call him Steven. He was a basketball all-star and all that jazz. We had been flirting it up for weeks and eventually he confessed via calculator that he liked me. I was so excited, I totally thought he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend. Wrong. Pretty much the next day he asked another girl to be his girlfriend and they dated the rest of the year and all throughout high school. We went to different high schools though so, whatever. His loss :)

16 years old. I flew all the way out to Utah from Washington to see a boy I liked. We were hanging out at the mall (we were sooo cool) and he refused to hold my hand. I was like, what's up with dis? I flew 800 miles to see you and you won't even hold my hand in public? He said: Cuz I don't want other girls to see me holding another girl's hand. I want to look available. OMG. Forget that.

Junior High and High School. I was dumped twice by boyfriends for other girls. Girls that were my friends. Or at least I thought they were my friends. Lame lame and more lame.

College. I met a boy the first day of Freshman orientation. We started dating, if you could even call it that. We never went anywhere except on walks around campus and I was the one who had to hold his hand for the first time like a month later. After our first kiss he felt so guilty that he never called me again...whoa.

I have more lame boy stories, but I'll spare you the details. Then I met Chris, my knight in shining armor, on January 22nd, 2004. After a little drama in the beginning, everything worked out and exactly 6 years ago yesterday he asked me to be his first and only girlfriend. And now we've been married for almost 3 years and life couldn't be better. Moral of the story: I'm so glad I'm past the dating stage and can laugh at all these horrendously lame boy stories!
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