Scheveningen, Netherlands

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The main reason for us wanting to visit Scheveningen: the Kurhaus! A fancy 4 star hotel aligning the promenade.
It was a perfect and warm sunny day for the beach... except for the gale force winds causing the beach to turn into a sandstorm from Dune!
We braved the beach anyway.

Eventually we made our way to the pier. Scheveningen is like the Dutch Coney Island with the double decker pier dominating the scene. Shops are on the bottom level with a boardwalk on top.
Cafe in the pier.

At the end of the pier we found a little playground and the kids got some of their wiggles out.
Then we finally - FINALLY! - satiated our craving for some legit fries. There's a backstory there, but I'll keep it between me and Chris :) They were delicious and the homemade curry ketchup was fantastic.
Flowers in front of the Kurhaus. 
The Kurhaus was built in 1885 as a concert hall and hotel. Eventually it fell into disrepair and was barely saved from demolition in 1975 by being listed as a historic building. It was completely renovated and reopened in 1979 as a hotel.
The Evans family in the middle of a sandstorm on the beach in Scheveningen, the Netherlands on Monday July 11th 2016.
The last stop of this adventure was halfway home: Cologne, Germany.
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