The One with the AC Christmas Party and Other Things

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not to be confused with the AC Designer Party. We just like having parties. Thursday night we all gathered together at the Country Club and celebrated a great year and said farewell to the original owners who are leaving next week to serve a year and a half church mission. The party was tons of fun. And the best part? I won a Sony Blu-Ray player. No joke. I have never won anything so nice in my life. Thank you a million times over American Crafts!
Then yesterday I went from being the luckiest person in the world to the unluckiest. I went to the bank to deposit some stuff and my tube at the drive-in window got stuck in the pipes!! Fortunately, my brother-in-law is the branch manager so he assured me everything would be okay and they'd get it out as soon as they could. I went home and cried a lot because it was stressful. Then a few hours later he called and said the repair man got it out and it'd be deposited the next day. Problem solved.

We flew to Denver this morning to spend Christmas with Chris' family. Good times are sure to come. The computer I'm blogging on is ancient though so I might lose my patience :)

I will leave you with this festive song from the one and only Pheobe Buffay.

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  1. you will love the blu-ray! we have had one for a few weeks now and i will never go back to regular dvds! its just a pain because i have to re-buy all my favorite movies on blu-ray. its definitely worth it though.


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