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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Every Sunday since my grandparents got back from their mission to Madrid Spain in 2006, I have eaten dinner at their house. My Grandma Doris is an amazing cook and she shared her cooking wisdom as a teacher of Home Economics for over 30 years. I remember one time when I was visiting them in Spain, she got me a sandwich from a vending machine, took it back to the apartment, toasted it on the stove, added some butter and it was the most delicious sandwich I've ever had. Now that's talent!

Over the years the weekly gathering has fluctuated in numbers. It used to just be me and my grandparents. Then my cousin Maren (another granddaughter) came down to BYU and it was me and her plus Grandma and Grandpa. Then Chris got back from his mission and my brother Eric came down to BYU so there were six of us. Then Maren started bringing her roommates Paige and Brittany so there were eight of us. Then Eric left on his mission - down to seven. Then Sara Jayne (Maren's sister) came down to BYU and our second cousin John started coming too, bringing the count up to nine. Every once in a while Maren will bring more roommates or Sara Jayne will bring a date or a few of her roommates. We've had as many as 15 people gathered together for Grandma's delicious dinners.

Grandma Doris and Grandpa Ted made a deal years ago: if Grandma will cook then Grandpa will do the dishes. He's been true to his word!

Today, I took a few pictures with my phone highlighting this weekly phenomenon. We had chicken crepes for dinner and crepes filled with cream, Nutella and cherries for dessert. Mmmmmmmmm.Here's Grandma Doris in her festive Christmas apron preparing the peas and the dessert. Isn't she lovely? :)
Since it's finals week at BYU, Sara Jayne couldn't make it today, but Grandma Lucille (Sara Jayne and Maren's other grandma) joined us, and so did Chris, Maren, Paige, Brittany, and Grandma and Grandpa of course.

Cookin' the crepes.
Servin' the crepes.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Warner for keeping us all well fed for the past three years! We sure do love you!

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