The One with the AC Designer Party and Gift Exchange

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The design team drew names for a gift exchange and we had to make each other's presents. Of course I picked "the boss" :) So I made him four books, each with a different style of binding, and a clamshell box to store them.
I got all of the fabric (except the black) from IKEA. I love IKEA.

This is the flat back case binding, it looks just like any book you'd see.

I don't know what kind of biding this one is, I just made it up. So it's the Paige binding.

This is a Japanese Stab binding.

And this is a Coptic binding, my personal fave.

We met after work at Alisha's condo for a "dip" party. We had chips with salsa and cheese, fries and fry sauce, apples and caramel, oreos and milk, bread and a delicious dip (which I can't remember was in it, but it was good!), pretzels dipped in caramel and chocolate, fruit dip, and lots of other dippings. Everything was delicious.
Then we opened presents. Since it was Alisha's house, Alisha went first. She had Ben. She gave him a big bag of caramel chocolate pretzels and a handmade card with a gift certificate to Borders.
Then it was Ben's turn. He had Alisha! He screenprinted beautiful floral patterns in awesome colors on square canvases.
Since Alisha and Ben had each other, Alisha picked a random present. It was Marlen's present for Richard. She watercolored a beautiful rose which was accompanied by a rose intaglio print. Perfect for their new baby room!
Then Richard gave the present he made to Kim. He crocheted a scarf which was inspired by one in Anthropologie, so of course I loved it. And Kim did too. I want to learn how to crochet! I was taking pictures of Kim with her camera while she opened it, so I don't have any pictures of her from my camera, but I will steal some tomorrow and switch out the picture of me wearing it. I just want to share how cool it is.
Then Kim gave the gift she made to Nichole. She knitted a hat, which matched Nichole's outfit perfectly. She looks so good in it! And it's really really soft. Must learn to crochet.
Then Nichole gave her handmade present to Courtney. It's the coolest pillow I have ever seen! Gosh! This was the first pillow she's ever made. Dang she's good.
Then Courtney gave her handmade present to Lindsey. Sorry my picture is sooo blurry! Courtney painted and printed an Angels and Airwaves poster. Totally hot.
Then Lindsey gave her present to Jen. She bought a bunch of frames, covered them in sophisticated patterned papers and distressed the edges. Love them!
Then Jen gave her present to me! Yay! I don't have any pictures of me opening it, because I was too busy opening it, but I will do a separate blog post about it so I can do it justice. She knows I love buttons and the color red, so she designed a calendar around those elements. I love it! It looks like it belongs in any high end store, the design is just that good. Thank you Jen!

Then I gave my books to David. He says he collects sketchbooks so that worked out nicely :)
And last but not least, David gave his present to Marlene. She loves mix CDs so David made her a collection of the top 100 songs of the year and designed really cool cases for them.
Our team is so talented I could just cry. I want to learn how to make everything everyone made. I vote this tradition continues every year.


  1. How fun! It all looks delicious and those gifts are amazing!! You all ARE so talented! LOVE those books, Paige! Beautiful! Merry Christmas! :)

  2. The books are amazing Paige. I love them.

    "The boss"

  3. SO MANY fabulous gifts
    i am jealous!!!

  4. looks like a great partay! and i am IN LOVE with those books. you are amazing. hope you guys are having a great holiday season!!

  5. Paige! Your books are amazing! All those gifts were great. What talented people you work with. I too LOVE Ikea! Pretty much the greatest place on earth!

  6. So cool!! I wish I was there! Miss you guys! :)

  7. Is this the project you were working on when you needed the board shear? It looks great!

  8. Yup. This is why I needed access to the cutter. Thanks for helping me out with that Elisabeth!

  9. A dip party? How fun is that!! Love the idea and all of the great gifts that were made are amazing! I too am crocheting scarfs for all of my friends and my daughter friends and her teacher! It is not to hard to learn how to do it and you are so talented anyway you'll pick it up in no time. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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