The One with What Chris Should Make for Christmas

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chris drinks Mountain Dew like there's no tomorrow. So I say, why not make something of his nasty habit? I know these pictures have been cruising through cyberspace at lightening speed, but I want to blog it so I won't forget about it. We're going to start collecting cans so hopefully next Christmas we can make our own Mountain Dew tree.

Soooooooo cool!


  1. LOVE that tree. but hate mountain dew. yuck! but i totally think chris should make that tree. i especially love the big lighted bottle at the top! hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!

  2. I can't wait to drink all that mountain dew!!!

  3. Oh my! Now THAT is creative and a great way to recycle! ;)

  4. That is awesome! It makes me feel better about my mountain dew consumption – knowing there are people out there more addicted than me.


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