The One with Favorite Engagement Photos

Saturday, December 13, 2008

As I write this we're watching LOST season 4 in preparation for its return in January. Can't hardly wait!

Nuttin' too exciting to report today. We did some laundry in the morning and watched a couple episodes of Friends. Then we met up with Alisha at the warehouse and boxed up December Scrapbook Trends/Cards/Simply Handmade reader boxes. It's a lot of work for just two people, but luckily Chris came to help so it cut the time in half (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!) And so, speaking of Chris, I dedicate this post to him and am sharing my favorite photos of us from our engagement shoot. These pictures sort of make me miss my long hair. But I don't regret chopping it off. Ciao for now!


  1. Oh yay! I love Engagement pictures!! How long have you guys been married now? Time flies! What are your holiday plans?

  2. Hi Paige and Chris, I love all of your pictures except the ugly one of more of those!!!Interesting 100 list. I have done the majority of those but that just shows how old I am!
    Love you! Mom Evans


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