The One with Pom Poms for Snowflakes

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wow, it's December. Where did the year go?

To kick off the holiday season, I have a DIY project. I was in Robert's the other day and I saw this home decor item and decided to make one myself, but with the pom poms spaced more randomly.You will need:
wooden rods
clear string (I found some in the beading section)
hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
small and large white pom poms

1. Measure a length of clear string long enough to fill the desired space and add three inches; thread through a needle.
2. Pierce the needle through the center of a pom pom, slide the pom pom down to the bottom of the string, leaving about two inches, and knot the string.
3. Pierce the needle through more pom poms, alternating between big and small, and slide down the string leaving 4" between each one.
4. Take the needle off the string.
5. Place a small dab of hot glue underneath each pom pom to keep them from sliding down.
6. Tie each strand of pom poms around a wooden rod, leaving about 2" between each strand.
7. Hang the rod in your window like so:

Instant snow that never melts, won't leave a mess, and isn't cold!


  1. You are the most talented wife ever! Yours looks way better than the Robert's display (of course :)).

  2. They look like floating Dippen' Dots!

  3. Paige! I love it! What a cheap decoration to make! And yes, it does look better than roberts.


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