The One with the Monday & Tuesday in WA

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We went to five grocery stores yesterday. I didn't even know there were five different grocery stores in Redmond. But there are (and then some!). And they're all within a two mile radius. We went to Whole Foods, Albertsons, Safeway, Trader Joes, and QFC. Why? To get cookie fixings. Mmmm.

These two do NOT get along. Sad.

But these two DO get along. Happy!

This one's for Tanya: Eric giving Jadis the "stink eye."

Here's Allie, happy as a clam in her P.O.S. Pooper Trooper. This car has been around since I was in diapers 22 years ago.

It smells and drives funny, but she loves it.

The broken dashboard filled with all-things Allie.

Proof that we were indeed in the Pooper.

We went to Google for lunch yesterday to say hi to my dad. Google is da bomb.

This morning we went to the 7am session at the Seattle temple (my first time at this one, chalk another one up on the temple hopping list!). It was pitch black outside when we went in.

Then it was light and rainy when we left. Just the way I like it.

The sun does exist! It came out for a brief moment just as it was setting at 4:20pm.

Technically yesterday was winter solstice so the days will be getting longer from here on out.

We're off to Yummy Teriyaki for dinner then a family viewing of Four Christmases.


  1. It's been a fun couple of days with you, love!

  2. Love seeing photos of when you go visit family. Okay, okay, I love seeing your photos ANY ole time. ;-) Glad you're having fun!

  3. Wow thats an EARLY session you went to!! Thats awesome! I have never been to that temple before! Thanks for the card again! Merry Christmas!

  4. Having fun yet? So sorry that Sneakers and Joey don't get along. Sorry I had to work today. But I'm NOT sorry the sun's out and it's a beautiful day. I ordered it just for YOU.

  5. Looks like you guys are having sooo much fun!! I love all your pictures. =) I think I just need one more picture of the outside of "the pooper"!


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