The One with New Year 2010 Resolutions

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I figure if I put these goals in writing I might actually adhere to them! So without further ado, I present my lofty goals for the year 2010:

-Patience. I'm so bad at this right now. All around I need to work on patience: while driving, with the animals, with Chris (sorry I'm a monster babe!), while working, while shopping, while cleaning, so on and so forth. Be patient!
-Try and live a stress-free life and realize there are 24 hours in the day to accomplish everything. Sort of goes hand-in-hand with patience.
-Try one new recipe per week.

-Monthly temple attendance; hit up the LA, Newport Beach, Redlands, San Diego, and maybe Fresno, Oakland, and Sacramento temples.
-100% church attendance and visiting teaching.
-Attend more church activities.
-Read scriptures daily.

-Stick to our budget like glue, like a moth to the flame, like, like, like something else that sticks to something else.
-Pay off our car puhlease!

-Use more patterned paper.
-Make two layouts and two cards per week whether for personal or assigned projects.
-Submit to magazines and hopefully get published.

-Host another bookbinding workshop.
-Learn to crochet and make a scarf and hat.

-Exercise 1/2 hour at a time, three days a week (ha).
-Do one outdoorsy thing per month (we're such homebodies...) like go to the beach, hike, go camping in our brand spanking new Christmas present tent and sleeping bags.



  1. For help with your financial goals. See He has a radio show and a great book called "The Total Money Makeover" Helps you become debt free! I really love listening to him! Good luck with your other goals too! I know I need to do that for this upcoming year too! Thanks for the push! :)

  2. Too bad all the goals aren't as easy as using more patterned paper. Good luck and be patient!

  3. Paige I can encourage you with one of your goals...come down to SD, visit the temple and then I will take you to the lovliest paper store around, that has the yummiest fish and shrimp tacos next door.

  4. Those are good goals. You go girl!

  5. I like your goals!! Best of luck!! Hey how are you Celebrating in Cali tonight?? ANOTHER TRIP TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  6. Love, LOVE this!! I need to do this. I just blabbed on and on in my Jan 1st post. LOL. I need one of these. :-D

    You know what REALLY helped my patience? Driving in CA traffic. LOL. I know it sounds crazy, but it truly made me a different person.

    I started to realize that there was nothing I could do about traffic. Getting frustrated or angry was not going to change it. I just needed to embrace that time... thinking, praying, calling family members to check in... whatever.

    Just turning it around as a relaxing time as opposed to a stressful time. And you know what?! IT WORKED! I'm SO patient now!!! LOL. Not just with traffic, but with other things in life. LOL. It actually shocks my socks off!

    Good luck with your goals!


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