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Monday, December 28, 2009

Gotta love some old school Eminem. Did I ever listen to Eminem growing up? No. But those songs sure are catchy and get stuck in my head like *that*.

We're back in sunny SoCal. No time to post on Saturday, too busy shopping for my Malm. No internet to post on Sunday cuz we were driving all-the-live-long-day. No time to post until right now, Monday night, cuz I had to work all day. So I'magonna recap the past couple days.

Saturday my mom got home from work at noon and we headed out to Bellevue Square. The reason for sharing the below photo is threefold: 1) This is Bellevue. 2) This is Bellevue when the sky is blue and the sun is shining (a rarity in these parts of the world). 3) Check out the moon in between the buildings - picturesque!

We got some lunch first, we needed our energy, then we hit up Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, Macy's, and Target.

We accomplished what we set out to do and word on the street is Malm got many a comment on Sunday at church for her ultra hip outfit. We done good.

Saturday night we got some yummy Thai food at a place I'd never been to before in Redmond but will probably go back to again cuz it was good. Then we took off. Bye bye Redmond! One week of vacation was not enough and I'm looking at flights on Alaska Air as we speak cuz I need to be able to look forward to my next trip home. Direct flights from LAX to Seattle are only $59 each way. That's a killer deal. Schaweeeet! Anyways, back to the story, we stopped in Lake Oswego to say hello to Chris' paternal grandparents (hi Grandpa Jay and Grandma Marge, so good to see you, thank you for reading!), then we drove a few more miles to Salem to spend the night at Chris' sister's house. Thank you Bethany and Peter for the presents, the room to sleep in, the mints on the pillows, and for letting Joey terrorize your dogs...sorry 'bout that....

On Sunday we woke up at 6am and continued on our drive. It's so easy to get from WA to CA/vice versa. You take the I-5 all the way up/down. We'll never need directions again. Although I'm seriously considering ever repeating this drive. 20 hours in a car = insanity! Plus we almost got in a serious accident yesterday that could potentially have been fatal. I'm soooo glad it wasn't our time and I'm thanking my lucky stars we made it home alive, safe, and sound. It was about 7:30 in the morning, just as the sun was coming up. We were cruising at 70 mph up into the mountains of southern Oregon, just before Mount Shasta.

It was pretty cold outside, but there wasn't any signs of snow or ice or rain. Everything was fine and dandy. All of a sudden we lost traction and started swerving back and forth across all three lanes of the freeway. There were accidents all over the place in the ditch and I thought we were going to add to the mayhem. Somehow Chris managed to keep swerving back and forth until we got traction again and we continued on our journey. I guess it really is true about ice forming on bridges, because there wasn't ice anywhere else except on that bridge where we almost died. Rachel would have missed us.

Somewhere in California we saw tons and tons and tons of birds flying south for the winter. "Flying V!"

Then it was back to the grindstone. I worked a full shift today (usually I only work the afternoon shift) and stuffed thousands of envelopes with 1099 forms. Fuuuun!

Whelp. That was our Christmas 2009 vacation. Tons of fun, forever memorialized here on my bloggity blog so I can look back on it forever. Now I'm gonna go do some of this:



  1. I miss you Pailge!!! That was the funnest visit EVER. Even though Joey and Sneakers hate each other and we're all afraid of Jadis, we still had fun.

  2. Awe! I want to see your "Malm" all dressed up in her new clothes! No weirdness intended. You just got me all interested with the whole What Not To Wear thing.

    Anyways, so glad you didn't die! And nice Mighty Ducks reference. Go Joshua Jackson pre-Dawson's Creek era!

  3. Welcome home!!! Your mom went to some cool places! YEAH!

    And phew... I'm SO glad you didn't die. I'd miss you. A lot. :-)

    And holy cow, that was a lot of birds! There is this one intersection in Austin (right by my work), and at dusk, thousands... THOUSANDS of birds come to hang out... on the trees, on the wires... on the trees... on the wires... flying overhead. It's SO loud too! I can hear them from inside my car... going CRAZY! One time while I was on the phone with my parents, I stuck the phone out my window so they could hear the craziness. LOL. That amount of birds is scary. Scary. :-p

    Umm... okay, these comments are getting LONG... I'll just email you. LOL.

  4. I'm glad that you guys made it safely home! I'm going through Paige withdrawls and I cant wait to hang out again! :)

  5. Your vacation sounds way cool and those photos rock!

    I know your mom must of been in high spirits shopping and getting some hip clothes too!!! I cannot wait to see photos!

    Watch out for paper cuts with all those forms!!!

    Hope you get rest and enjoy the New Year!


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