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Monday, February 22, 2010

All day long I was thinking about what to blog about and I just kept coming back to CANDY. So candy it is. Welcome to my random life.

I'm in serious need of some sugar. Especially after looking online at all my favorite candies to get pictures. Ever since I can remember I've had a sweet tooth. I loved trick-or-treating and I would save my candy and make it last for months. We always have a bucket of candy in the house to munch on for dessert and gladly let our friends partake when they come over - we like to share the wealth if you will. Candy is a big part of my life. So what are my favorites you ask? Well. Lemme tell you.

My all time most favorite candy in the entire world are Giant Now & Laters. They always have been my favorite and they always will be my favorite.

They're pretty hard to come by on a day-to-day basis, though I know I could always stock up online. Usually I find them in random candy stores or in a select few grocery stores. I like all the flavors except for grape which I avoid like the plague. They're huge and fruity and chewy and that equals heaven.

Another favorite of mine is Haribo gold bears. Or anything by Haribo really.

My mom loves these too so I ate them frequently growing up. I like to either stick them in the fridge so they get cold and hard or open a bag and let them sit for a few weeks to get really hard. My taste buds are most fond of the red cherry, green apple, and white pineapple flavors.

Starbursts are always a top pick of mine.

They're a great size and the flavor is just so powerfully delicious. My favorite flavor is the cherry, then watermelon, then orange, then lemon. I do NOT like lemon flavored candy in any shape, way or form. I LOVE cherry candy in any shape, way, or form. There used to be a bunch of different kinds of starbursts and my favorites were the kind that came in blue packaging, then they went and changed a great thing so now I'm stuck with the classic flavors, which are still really good.

Are Swedish fish cherry flavored? Whatever they are, I love them.

I could eat a whole bag of these and not feel bad. They're so good.

Another candy I really like are Sour Patch Kids.

But really I only like the red ones so I pick those out first and give the rest away.

Whenever I go to a Sweet Factory (I haven't seen one here in CA yet, but I haven't really looked), I stock up on the same two candies. These sweet and sour patch cherry slices (the website says: soft gummy cherry slices bursting with cherry flavor and coated with sour sugar. Mmmmm.)

And these sour blue cola bottles:

I could live off of these things.

I much prefer fruity and chewy candy to chocolate, but every now and then (not to be confused with now & later, hahaha) I get a craving for chocolate and I have two favorites:
Milky Way

and Twix.

"Two for me, none for you."
I like to put my chocolatey candy bars in the freezer then eat them when they're frozen. They taste so much better that way. Thanks for the tip Dald :)

So. Yeah. My mouth is pretty much watering now. I need some candy, STAT.


  1. wow. this post made my mouth water! gosh, thanks for all the temptation! lent, hello....

    haha, no it's cool. and yes i will go to a twilight/new moon/eclipse showing with you! that would be so amazing! and if they don't offer one, then let's put one on!

  2. Now you are speakin' my lingo! Anything Haribo, and seriously all candy bars must go in the fridge/freezer...

  3. OMG, that post was sooo mean!!! I am practically drooling over here! Cherry is my fav too

  4. Right there with you babe....I am a candy freak! Anything sour : )

  5. Girl... I was thinking half way through that my mouth was watering! I knew there was a reason I love you so much! :) I love candy... always have... always will and I am a chewy candy girl myself... however... tonight I have been craving some chocolate and there is none in sight! If I didn't have so much ironing to do... I would make a run to Kroger!

  6. As a future dentist, I gotta say that your favorite candies are like the worst candies you could like (as far as the health of your teeth goes). :)

  7. MY mouth is watering too! :) I love the pink starburst and the white gummy bears and Twix for sure! I think I need to go find some candy now! :)

  8. omg Paige! they are ALL my favorite!!! geez.....we really have something in common!

  9. hi paige! you can find a sweet factory at the cerritos mall just off the 605 fwy at south st. it should be about 10-15 mins closer to you than long beach. theres also a really good yogurtland too. my preference over pinkberry. maybe i'll see ya there :)

  10. thanks for the love/hate torture you put me through! i've been craving sugar like crazy and we have much of the same tastes... fruity and chewy. but what i really was going to write was to tell you to put your milky ways in the freezer because honestly, the aren't even worth eating if they don't almost crack your teeth. but then i saw that you already do. SO glad to hear that!

    ps- cherry (or white or blue or any shade of red/pink) airheads sound good right now too. they take me back to my brother's little league games!

    and an icee would be nice. okay, i'll stop now.

  11. My FAVORITES the are Haribo gummi bears too! I stack a red, green and white and eat them together, but I like them fresh out of the bag--no stale gummis for me!

  12. seriously seriously cruel! ha ha
    i'm in france and the only candy of these that i can buy is the haribo!
    my goodness i'm going to go nuts when i get back to the land of sour patch kids! do you get peach slices too? those are the best :)

  13. Hey, Paige--I'm not a fan of chocolate...but my FAV FAV FAV candy bar was from the 80s...the original MARS bars!! They are BACK!! I found them at our local WalMart and bought 25 because I can't live without them! Here is what they look like (in case you were wondering):::

    I might just have to go eat one for lunch:) Have a great day!

  14. that is exactly how i felt yesterday!

  15. Sheesh... my mouth was watering too. *sigh*

    I went to Home Depot today to get some spray paint, and EVERY time I go there, and I see the candy (mainly tempted there by Reese's and Sour Patch Watermelons), I WANT some. I feel like I NEED some. LOL.

    But I was like, "No, Reyanna! You do NOT need candy! You have some at home. Eat that first... then you can buy more."


    And NOW I read your post, and I'm kicking myself for not getting the sour watermelons! I LOVE those! GAH!

    I also LOVE Haribo gummi bears (SO good in the freezer!) and strawberry Starbursts (I don't even remember tasting the other flavors... LOL) and Milky Way Dark and Sour Patch Kids and...

  16. p.s. Have you ever been to! OHMIGOSH, one of the best blogs EVER. She rocks. Even some of your photos are hers. :-)

  17. I want candy! Gee thanks!!! :)

  18. I LOVED THAT POST!! Have you every tried Snicker or Charleston Chews frozen?? SO GOOD!! And I love those good ol Easter Mini Eggs too! Thanks for the entertainment

  19. LOVE candy! I love it! The Sweet Factory is all over the malls and such out there. My favorite is the chocolate covered gummi bears.

  20. Okay so now I want candy too!!! LOL. I don't eat any candy that's lemon or orange!! :) And i could quite possibly eat an entire bag of most of those! :)

    But I've never heard of putting stuff in the freezer, quite interesting! I might have to try that.

  21. oh my goodness, those blue sour bottles are the most delicious candy out there, i love them!!

  22. Milky favorite candy bar, but I love the dark chocolate one. I love me some dark chocolate. LOVE you blog. You and your hubby are absolutely darling! I'll keep coming back to keep updated!


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