The One with a Session, a Shower, and a Show

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We had a fun-filled day yesterday. It started off bright and early with a 7:30am session at the LA temple.

Since we didn't get to go to Newport Beach last Saturday, we went back to LA this month. But we've got an appointment at Newport Beach for the 5th of March so we're looking forward to that.

As soon as we got home, I changed into more casual attire, watched an episode of Project Runway season 2, then headed out to Long Beach to attend my freshman roommate Paula's baby shower.

I realized we've known each other for almost 7 years - since 2003! My how time flies. The sign-in book was the one she won here on my blog many moons ago. What a fun surprise to see a book of mine in use!

Paula was absolutely glowing and looked so very pretty.

Her sister did a great job with all the details like these baby bird cupcakes,

the custom water bottles,

and the napkin rings.

Here's me and Paula holding up the cute little dresses I got for her.

The baby shower was so much fun! Congratulations again and again Paula!

As soon as I got home from the baby shower, I showered and we got ready for an event put on by the Pasadena Stake for Valentine's Day.

Our good friends the Bybee's and Malan's showed up shortly thereafter so we nabbed a table together and got in line for food. It was yummy teriyaki chicken and rice.

After dinner there was a Japanese performance complete with drums, a koto (sort of like a harp), a Japanese lion dance, and dance lessons. I opted out of learning the dance, I'm so uncoordinated it's not even funny.

Here's a sampling of the amazing drums:

Here's a sampling of the lovely harp:

And here's a sampling of everyone learning the dance:

All-in-all, an A+ day.


  1. What a fun day! I worked until 2. Ran errands and came home. Dald and I watched a dumb movie and then went to sleep. Your day was much more fun.

  2. Super fun! Love the baby shower details.

    Look for my parents at the Newport Temple on March 5th! The Dayley's. I know I told you this before. I'm silly, I think it would be cool for you to meet them. Sort of like I get to say hi to you.

  3. That is quite the baby shower. She does look fantastic!! =)

  4. Wow what a busy day for you! I didn't know you also went to the temple that morning! :) Fun night! (Thanks for the dance demo)

  5. wow you guys had a super busy day!! Love all the pics from the baby shower and dinner event, it looks like it was tons of fun! :)

  6. How fun for you to go to Paula's baby shower! It looks like such a cute shower, too.

  7. how adorable--all the baby things-- and the sentiments--love it!

  8. Paige, it made me so happy to see you at the shower. The baby dresses were waaay cute! Thank you :) I'm glad you had such a fun day. I'll keep you updated with pictures of the baby!

  9. What a really fun day you had!!!! I like days like that!!

  10. Wow... you are a busy girl! Love all the baby shower details! I want another baby! :( Oh well... I guess you will have to have one so I can live vicariously through your blog. ha!


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