The One with Randoms

Saturday, July 13, 2013

We're stranded until Monday when we can get our German driver's licenses and then rent a car to explore! I'm thinking our first overnighter should be to Prague. So here are just a few random phone photos from the past couple weeks:

Jane deep in thought.
Here's that other deer I was talking about. "There's a deer just outside eating fruit from the orchard!"
It was the weirdest thing - I was driving to the airport to pick up Chris from bootcamp and I couldn't see a cloud in the sky, but it was raining!! I guess the rain clouds were straight up above me. It was a weird experience.
Car rides put my kids to sleep.
Rachel is NOT a fan of the vet. She finds any space she can fit to hide.
While waiting in Olympia for the pet bilingual health certificates to get signed, Fox and I partied. And by partied I mean we got some muffins.
I love her smooshed face.
Eric was eating a cookie. Joey and Gypsy wanted a bite. Desperately.
The view from our hotel room. We moved into a room with a closed off bedroom on Thursday night and life has been umpteen times better since. And it has a bigger kitchen with a tiny dishwasher, bigger fridge, dining room table with four chairs, more storage, an air conditioner that actually works, etc. Who knew 100 more square feet of space could make life so grand?
I'm gonna go check out the craft store now - I hope it's got some good stuff!


  1. Awesome photos. We moved to a new apartment with 100 more square feet and it definitely makes a difference!

  2. 100 square feet extra always feels better!! LOVING the photos!! Jane's hair is getting long! I love it!

  3. Glad you got a bigger space! Can't wait to see more pictures of Germany!

  4. so awesome! love the friends reference!

  5. Such cuteness! Car rides to get the kids to sleep save my sanity. Glad you got the Ezra space. Hope your 2nd move is smooth.

  6. Yeah for more space! hoping your crafting adventure is FUN!

  7. So exciting! Can't wait to see more of Germany.


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