The One with 2013 Christmas Card Photos

Monday, November 4, 2013

I saw the pictures that MaryAnne Miner took of families before the husbands deployed this summer and knew she was THE ONE to take our Christmas 2013 family photos! When she handed me the CD with the images I couldn't wait to pop it into my computer and see her talent. And boy oh boy did she do a great job! How to pick just one photo for our Christmas card???
 photo IMG_4050.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot091313.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot091312.jpg
 photo IMG_4076-1.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot091311.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09139.jpg
 photo IMG_4076bw.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot091310.jpg
 photo IMG_4240-1.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09138.jpg
 photo IMG_4112.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09137.jpg
 photo IMG_4240-1b.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09136.jpg
 photo IMG_4118.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09135.jpg
 photo IMG_4151.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09133.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09132.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09131.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot0913.jpg
 photo MaryAnneMinerPhotoshoot09134.jpg
Winner winner chicken dinner! Even though Jane isn't looking at the camera and Fox has major stink-eye goin' on, it's a true depiction of our family at this point! 
 photo IMG_4091.jpg
I love our yearly tradition of getting our family photo taken and seeing how we grow through the years! I've already gotten the above picture printed onto canvas to hang with our others and I've used some of the photos on four layouts! I can't get enough of them :) Thanks MaryAnne!


  1. these photos are so so beautiful: love the colors (wow your dress!!)! such a treasure for your family!

  2. Such great photos!! I would have a hard time choosing too!!!!

  3. Aw, I just can't get over Jane's cute little pig tails! And Fox is such a stud! They already look so much bigger!!
    Can't wait to get this family Christmas card in the mail ;)

  4. Beautiful photos! They came out great!

  5. Your family is gorgeous Paige! Hope you are enjoying your adventure living in Europe. So cool!

  6. So many great photos. You could scrap these all year, there are so many good ones!

  7. Such FUN photos! What a beautiful little family!!

  8. Awesome photos Paige! She did a great job! And I am usually just happy, if at least hubby and I are looking at the camera! I gave up on the kids a long time ago!! :)

  9. Absolutely stunning photos! Such a beautiful family!

  10. oh I love them all..amazing shots of a gorgeous family!

  11. Aw, love these!! You guys are such a beautiful family!! :)


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