The One with Bekah's Scrapbook

Monday, November 18, 2013

A super nice and amazing and special lady in our ward, Bekah, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I was asked to make a scrapbook of the first annual "Pink Up the Pace" breast cancer awareness 5k that was hosted here on base to give to Bekah to look through for encouragement during treatments. It would be my pleasure! Lots of people purchased "I run for Rebekah" pink t-shirts and sported them throughout the race. So, in honor of the breast cancer signature pink, I went with an all-out PINK theme and picked and sorted through all of my supplies to get as much pink material as possible.
It took about 40 hours total to complete the entire 40-page album. I started by gathering pink supplies (above picture). Then I punched hundreds, if not thousands, of shapes (circles, squares, scalloped circles, hexagons) from about 50 different pink patterned papers. Then I found 40 sheets of a variety of colors of pink cardstock and patterned papers for the base pages. Next I adhered the punched shapes on most of the pages and ran them through my sewing machine to stick them down permanently. Other pages that didn't have punched shapes got spray misted or otherwise embellished. Next I added the photos. It took a long time to print the pictures at a local German shop, trim them down, put them in the right categories, and figure out how many pictures I needed on each page to fill 40 layouts. Then I added captions and finishing embellishments. Phew! Labor of love :)
 photo Album.jpg
On the cover I made a breast cancer ribbon logo with pink bling.
 photo Cover.jpg
All done, ready to be photographed, and placed in page protectors!
 photo DSC_3970.jpg
You can never have too much pink - or so says my mom :)
 photo DSC_3973.jpg
 photo DSC_3972.jpg
For the opening page I used pictures of Bekah in the center surrounded by her loving supporters, trying to get themselves in the ribbon shape. We tried :)
 photo DSC_3975.jpg
And here are the pages. I tried to put them in chronological order, but then Picasa moved things around so they aren't really. But they are in order in the book and that's what matters!
 photo set1.jpg
 photo set2.jpg
 photo set3.jpg
 photo set4.jpg
 photo set5.jpg
 photo set6.jpg
 photo set7.jpg
 photo set8.jpg
 photo set9.jpg
 photo set10.jpg
For the last page I used a triumphant looking picture of Bekah running in the race. 
 photo DSC_4020.jpg
I hope this book gives Bekah encouragement during hard times.
Fight like a girl!


  1. oh !! this is simply amazing!!! this brave lady will sure feel supported and loved looking at this album! you did an fabulous job!!

  2. Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwww!! This is AMAZING!!!! I am loving all the pink!! What a great album you did for her ... I am positive she will LOVE it!!!!

  3. You are so talented! And you are using your talents for a good cause!

  4. amazing work, paige! i love the bling ribbon detail on the cover! my best to bekah! :) *

  5. This is amazing! I'm sure she will love it!!!

  6. Holy COW, Paige! This is amazing (it kinda made me cry). And, there really is no such thing as too much pink!

  7. Wow.. so amazed at how beautiful every single page in the album is! Always in awe of how creative you are with simple punched shapes

  8. Wow, what a wonderful book, she will really appreciate it!

  9. What a beautiful album, simply amazing and inspiring!

  10. What an awesome gesture and you did such an amazing job with the album, Paige!

  11. This album is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift of love and support for your friend.

  12. YOU ROCK. What an amazing album. I love it. What a sweet gift!

  13. What a sweet and thoughtful gift--love it!

  14. They are so lucky to have you! And she is so lucky to have this. :) So amazed at all the time and effort and detail you put into this!! How long did this take you? Just... wow. :)

  15. Wow! Amazing gift. I hope her recovery goes well.

  16. DANG GIRL!
    YOU ARE AMAZING. But you (and I) already knew that.

  17. That book is amazing Paige. Such an incredible gift.


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