The One with the Ford Explorer

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Right before we got married in 2007 we bought a (stupid) Landrover Freelander. We thought we were cool. 
But a couple weeks after we got it the transmission died - luckily it was covered under the extra good warranty we were duped into buying. Over the years it slowly fell apart and we were too poor to fix it and it's expensive European-ness. It sat in the parking lot for about a year, undriven, forgotten, a piece'o'junk. Chris carpooled or we walked everywhere we needed to go in the California sunshine.
Before we moved to Germany it was towed away, never to be seen again, wah wah.
Once we paid off the Freelander in 2010 we got the Nissan Altima!
 We wanted something small, affordable, safe, and reliable, before our firstborn son, Fox, was born.
It's been a great car, and it still is a great car - we love it! And once the mirror and door and bumper are replaced from our (not-our-fault) autobahn accident like three months ago, it'll look brand spankin' new again! It will be Chris's main mode of transportation and we can finally contribute fairly and squarely to the carpool deal that we've been doing.

Now that the Altima is paid off we were in the market for another car. Something bigger so when people come to visit we don't have to rent a car. Something that will drive well in snow because apparently they get a lot of that here. We may get our first snow tonight even! We want lots of room to pack lots of bags for traveling all over Europe. We want a "forever" car - the one that we'll ship home once we're done at this post. We want a car that will fit more kids - eventually! NO PLANS ANYTIME SOON :) There aren't many options for cars out here, but we did find a car that we like, and best of all, tax-free cuz it's through the Army!
 Hello Ford Explorer!
 I love you already!
 It's silver, has 7 seats, 4 wheel drive and lots of other things and features that I don't know what they mean but I appreciate them.
 Welcome to the family Ford Explorer, may you treat us well :)


  1. I am glad to see the Y getting some love with each new car shot!

  2. So this has nothing to do with this post, but I saw this and thought of you and your little Fox... even though I only know you through the blog-o-sphere and drooling over your work online and in magazines.

    NO pressure to buy it- it's not even in my shop! Just thought it was cute.

  3. Hooray! I'm so happy that you got a big, new car. Will there be a "no eating in the car" policy like we always tried to enforce on you when you were little?

  4. Nice truck. I love silver vehicles and I've always owned silver vehicles :)

  5. The stupid mistakes we make when we are newly weds, right!? I have a car mistake too, but mine happened right before marriage.

    Love your new ride, it is a beauty.

  6. Love it! I aspire to own a big grown up car like that one day too. I also love that you always wear BYU apparel when posing with your car ;)

  7. Awesome! Congrats Paige!! We bought a van for the kids, but now that they are older, I am dying for an SUV! Maybe one day down the road!! :)

  8. Yay for the new car! I'm sad that the landrover freelander is gone forever though. That's the car Eric drove me around in the night he proposed. So funny to think about! ;)

  9. I miss my Explorer! It was a good car. Hope you enjoy yours.

  10. Enjoy it! We just switched to a minivan as well--I feel kind of old, but I'm loving all the space!


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