The One with Thanksgiving 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Most of our friends and family in the good ol' U S of A are just sitting down to their turkey feast, but we are heading to sleep! The 9-12 hour time difference will do that. 

Today was a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!

We slept in! (HA! Just kidding. There ain't no such thing as sleeping in with kids - but they did sleep past 6am so we consider that sleeping in.)
After breakfast and showers we drove out to Weiden to finally get our fixed car! Remember the autobahn accident we got in way back in the beginning of September? Boy was it a process to get it fixed! But now it looks brand spankin' new - totally worth the hassle and wait.

At home I baked some brownies whilst watching every FRIENDS Thanksgiving episode.
At 1pm we headed to our church for a Thanksgiving feast.
Blurry is better :)
While my parents, brother, and SIL are getting suntanned and basking in the warmth of Miami Florida, we are enjoying a full-blown winter.
We put a beanie on Jane, how adorable is she? :) The nursery room was open and our kids are drawn to it like magnets.
Playing with a friend - future babysitter?!?
More beanie pics.
The church was decorated as all get-out with Thanksgiving-ness! Where did they find all of this stuff?!
It's all in the details.
People kept bringing in more and more delicious food. I love potlucks for the variety of food you would never make and get to try out.
This is what I came for: the desserts!
Crystal started us off by going around the room saying something we're thankful for and then Chris gave a blessing on the food.
Dig in!
Chris's plate. I didn't take a picture of mine, I forgot.
And then we went and saw the new Frozen movie! In 3D!
It was my VERY FIRST time seeing a 3D movie (I actually didn't know it was 3D or I would have avoided it) BUT, I thought it was AWESOME! I want to see more flicks in 3D!

Fox and Jane liked it, they were pretty good. I thought it was super cute.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013! So much to be thankful for this year!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Loving the photos!! And we want to see that movie!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I live that picture of our kids in the movie theater. They are adorable!

  3. I'm grateful for modern technology that allowed us to video chat with you whilst walking on the beach in Florida. Isn't it amazing!? I'm so glad you got to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner in Germany.


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