The One with LuLaRoe Skirts & Dresses

Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm not even 100% sure when or where I stumbled upon LuLaRoe, but I'm glad I did because I think my world has changed - for the better!
LuLaRoe is an online skirt and dress shop and most are modest - which means less layers, which is awesome! Although I do like the layered look for fall and winter attire :)
I'm not getting paid and I wasn't asked to make this post, I just think these dresses and skirts are incredibly hip and stylish and flattering on all body types and I want the entire universe to know about them!
I'll take one of each please!
Seriously though, how do you pick just one?
Good thing Christmas is right around the corner :)


  1. bahahaha paige! we are such twins (as usual)! i'm seattle's newest and only lularoe rep -- i'll be selling these skirts at parties around town. hit me up if you want some, we ship overseas :)

  2. Such a good find! Already loving some of these and putting them on my Christmas list now ;)

  3. These are definitely awesome! I love that they are cut more modestly...I hate going shopping now, to buy dresses for church, because most of them look more like I would be wearing it to the street corner, than to worship!!


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