The One with Zits

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm twenty-eight-and-a-half years old. 
And I have the worst acne I've ever had in my life!
What gives?
I thought only hormonal teenagers got this amount of zits!
I feel ugly and can't stand to look at myself in the mirror. 
Today I had enough and called the doctor. 
I have an appointment with a family practitioner on Monday and then they'll refer me to a dermatologist.
Why I can't go to a dermatologist in the first place is beyond me. 
But, whatevs, I'm one step closer to flawless skin :) 
And yes, I wash my face every day, twice a day, so that's not the problem. 
Pity party for one, over.

We went to Vienna this past weekend and these big vacation posts take DAYS to compose - it takes me back to school days and doing book reports because of all the research and writing it involves. 
I'm hoping to have more interesting posts coming up in the next day or so.

But today was just a zits kind of day.


  1. I hate those days!! :( my acne got really bad after I graduated the teen years. It still comes and goes. Good luck with the doctor! :)

  2. Sorry Paige. I'll bet the family dr. can prescribe what you need. As my sister Cissy, and I used to say, "The family that picks together sticks together!" (you can delete this if you want)

  3. Maybe its the humidity there? Is is humid? This pregnancy is causing body acne on me!!! Boo!

  4. Sorry my friend ... but in 3 weeks, I will be 21 x 2 ;) and I still get zits :(

  5. I had horrible acne when my kids where younger - not sure if it was the hormone changes, the stress or what! I finally found a facial cleanser (arbonne) that worked and haven't had any problems since. Good luck!!

  6. I am in my 30's and had a really bad period of breakouts last year. I splurged on a clarisonic and it has done wonders! Rarely get a spot and my scaring is even fading.

  7. I've got one today -- thanks to my period! (You can delete this, too, if you want.) Ethan is not as interested in nursing as Evelynd was, so Aunt Flo came earlier and the zits came with her.

  8. I hope, they do some blood work (tsh and other hormons, vit B...). And are you contemplating a dietary change? That worked wonders for some of my friends: no McDonalds, more fruits and vegetables, less milk...
    I hope you get rid of those zits soon.

  9. I think you are the most beautiful woman on Earth and that I am the luckiest man alive to be married to you and have this family together. I love you!

  10. I love how real you are! I'm sorry though...I had major pizza face when I was pregnant. Zits are the pits!

  11. Aw, sorry, Paige! :( And yeah, Chris's comment is AWESOME! I wish my husband read my blog! LOL. :-p


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