March 2019 Highlights

Monday, April 1, 2019

Here's a look back at what we were up to the month of March 2019!

I did a bit of rearranging in my scrap room. I love organizing almost as much as scrapbooking itself! I found these gold chicken wire hanging baskets with three slots each at Michaels and bought four of them from three different locations - that's one way to get to know the Denver area, ha! Then I hung them up on all four empty corners of my standing desk - I was so excited to make use of empty space in my room! I transferred all seven of my Pink Paislee collections (HorizonWhimsicalPick-Me-UpTurn the PageOh My HeartTake Me Away, and Fancy Free) from random containers on the bookcase my dad made and gave me when we lived in Washington into the baskets - they fit PERFECTLY! I love the statement they make when I first walk into my happy scrappy place.

Then I brought up all the magazines that I've carted literally around the world from boxes in the basement up into full displayed glory on the bookcase. These magazines were with us in Utah, California, Germany, Washington, and now Colorado, and were out of sight, out of mind, pretty much in all our homes. But I love them and always wanted them with me because they have so much sentimental value! I loved working there from 2006 until they went under in 2013 and made many many friends and connections with scrappers around the world via Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends, the Create series, CARDS, and the Cricut magazines. So with a bit of rearranging and reorganizing, I've got these magazines here with me and they make me happy :)

The first Saturday of the month meant a new craft at Home Depot! They were jumping for joy!

Chris' friend Nate from way back in the day was visiting his brother here so we met him at a BBQ place, ate dinner, then came back here. They stayed up way late talking - always fun catching up with old friends!
H.O.L.Y. S.N.O.W. I've seen reports that we've had more snow this winter than the past two years combined. I don't know how to feel about that... The bomb cyclone blizzard was so scary that I took the kids and holed up in the basement where we couldn't hear or see anything going on outside, it was that intense.
Chris made some yummy pretzel bun burgers with meat from his Butcher Box + sweet potato fries, my favorite.
  My new calling at church is to lead the 8-11 year old Activity Days girls so once a month I think of a craft for us to do together. For my first turn we made these thank you cards:
 Cute girlies. I've had this calling before when we lived in Germany so hopefully I can remember some of the things we did for Activity Days back then and recycle those ideas.

I'm going blonde! It's going to take about 3 applications to get to the lightness I want. This was after the first coloring.
I'm trying to be a planner girl again! So far it's going well and I've stuck through the entire month of March. I'm using my planner more as a journal to record daily activities along with photos. I still use Google calendar religiously.

Chris is such a good dad. He reads to the kids before bed every night.
I made 22 pages for a client. With the help of cut files, these pages came together quickly and were so fun to make!
 I did an official campaign for Disney!
 For Spring Break we went to Vegas for a few days to see my sister and her cute fam. You can read the recap here.
 Everyday life. Eating popcorn in bed. Making a wooden block tower at Nana & Papa's. Snuggles with Jane. Walking home from school with Jane. Fox rocking Coding Club. Kids being kids.

I spy Horizon as one of the top 10 essentials in the Spring 2019 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine!
 Taco Bell is delish. And there's one just a mile away. Have to resist the temptation!
 Jane's hair got out of control. She hates getting it brushed and many tangles had formed. So we got her hair cut and the stylist added a couple cute purple streaks. Jane cried a lot during the process, but then we got donuts and she decided she liked it and all was right with the world.

We are thinking about doing some remodeling and there was a Home Show at a convention center north of Denver so we headed there and I scheduled three consultations with various design firms. I'm excited to see if this works out! Tom & Margi went too and we got lunch together. Here's Jane rocking Nana's glasses while waiting for our food.
I needed a thank you card so I made 10 assembly line style using patterned paper scraps.
 Jane LOVES the rolls at Texas Roadhouse and was begging to go, but she didn't have to beg too much because we all love Texas Roadhouse. Fox ate nearly an entire pail of peanuts! So funny.
 My sister works at Anthropologie and I get to use her discount during the friends & family sale so I bought my first pair of Paige brand jeans which I thought was funny. Me jeans! Also an update on my weight loss journey - I am at 132.3 pounds, so just 2.3 pounds from my goal! Actually I think I want to make it to 128.3 pounds so I can say I've lost exactly 40 pounds. I hope April will be the month to finally accomplish my goal!
 There was a book fair during parent/teacher conference week. I am SO GOSH DERN PROUD of these two and how well they are doing in school.

My niece Daisy was stung by a stupid scorpion and her reaction was so bad - foaming at the mouth, convulsing, screaming from pain :*( - so an ambulance rushed her to the hospital. Thankfully after two doses of anti-venom she got better and was released. You can read more about it here. So so so so so thankful for modern medicine.
 I flew to Winnipeg to teach at the Crop & Create event! Recap post coming soon :)
 Fun, eventful month full of so many special memories! Can't wait to see what's in store for April!

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