The One with the 9th Grade Graduation Flashback

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Times they are a changin'! It seems like only yesterday I graduated from Evergreen Junior High. I remember that evening well. We took a ferry on the Puget Sound and I remember how the Seattle skyline looked all lit up in the dark.
Eight years later yesterday, my sister graduated from the same school. Style-wise, we were all about the solids and bleach blond hair in 2000 while these girls are into striking patterns, layers and being natural brunettes in 2008.
I feel like I was so much older than Allison is now at the same age - does that make sense? I'm 15 in the picture, and Allie is 15 in her picture, but I still feel like I'm older - which I am, but I shouldn't feel like that when comparing pictures of us at the same age.
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