The One with Green Label Art

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Awhile ago Chris and his friend Art (a.k.a. Carlos) went to the gas station to get some Mountain Dew and they noticed these unique aluminum bottles.
After googling "Mountain Dew bottles" he found out they are a part of the Green Label Art series. Several volumes have been released. We have all except the very first two - Paper Tigers designed by Adam Juresko

and Pharaohs of Dew designed by Chris Pastras and Paul Rodriguez
Since they're so rare they're selling for about $75 each on ebay.

In my picture above going left to right we have:

Gods of Dew by TEEQim (husband and wife duo miQ wilmOtt and THUY3)

Splish Splash by Dr. Revolt

Don't Sleep by Mark Nardelli a.k.a. Nards, with 5Boro

Pop Art Pirate by Mark Nardelli a.k.a. Nards, with 5Boro

X (Staple) by Jeff Ng a.k.a. jeffstaple

Bill Hilly 2007 by Peat Wollaeger

Tundra by Peter Kim a.k.a. Methamphibian

Just Like Snowflakes 2007 by Chuck Anderson

Umbrellas by J.T. Woodruff and Hawthorne Heights

Four festive red, white and blue bottles not really part of Green Label Art (at least they're not on the official website) but look like they should be (sorry no pictures)

Do The Dew by Dez

MD Superstar by Eric Haze a.k.a. Haze

Just Like Snowflakes 2008 by Chuck Anderson (looks the same as 2007 version)

Concrete Dragon by Troy Denning

Reflections of Dew by Scott Lenhardt and Danny Davis

Bill Hilly 2008 by Peat Wollaeger (looks the same as the 2007 edition)

There's also a Halo 3 bottle not pictured (I just got it off ebay for a few dollars so it's being shipped) which isn't part of the Green Label Art series (as far as I know) but looks like it belongs.

Bill Hilly is Chris' favorite because it says "it'll tickle your innards!" on the side, lol.


  1. those are the only 2 i am missing too!! and i cant even find pharoas of dew now and same with paper tigers! but by the way there is a gamefuel bottle like these and a new set just came out with 6 new dews, and there is a nascar and 4th of july set too also with 4 a piece! help me out and send me a link if you find the two im missing!

  2. Hey mamoose91 - I actually found Pharaohs of Dew and Paper Tigers on ebay and gave them to Chris for his birthday. They weren't cheap but I figure we can always se11 them again if needs be.

  3. Hey Paige, how much did you buy your Pharoahs of Dew for? I've been looking for it myself and was trying to get an idea of what would be a reasonable price.

  4. Hey Benjamin - I paid about $70 for the Pharaohs of Dew bottle, that seems to still be the going rate on ebay where I got mine from.


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