The One with the 9th Grade Graduation Flashback

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Times they are a changin'! It seems like only yesterday I graduated from Evergreen Junior High. I remember that evening well. We took a ferry on the Puget Sound and I remember how the Seattle skyline looked all lit up in the dark.
Eight years later yesterday, my sister graduated from the same school. Style-wise, we were all about the solids and bleach blond hair in 2000 while these girls are into striking patterns, layers and being natural brunettes in 2008.
I feel like I was so much older than Allison is now at the same age - does that make sense? I'm 15 in the picture, and Allie is 15 in her picture, but I still feel like I'm older - which I am, but I shouldn't feel like that when comparing pictures of us at the same age.

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  1. hi-

    i just stumbled to your blog from american crafts (yay!). is this from redmond junior high by chance?? my daughter is just finishing her 8th grade year there; she's bummed that this is the last year that they're doing the 9th grade cruise. we just talked about it the other day, so it's funny to read this on your blog :)



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