The One with Bella's Engagement Ring

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PS - Hello to all of those people who arrive on this blog by googling "Bella's Engagement Ring" - there are many of you! Thanks for stopping by, hope you came back soon!

You know I can't go more than a post or two without mentioning something to do with Twilight.

Twilight Teez has teamed up with Stephenie Meyer on several occasions to reproduce jewelry and such from the books. They already have Bella's Bracelet:
"Are you wearing your heart on your sleeve for Edward or Jacob? Well, now you can display your devotion by wearing it on your wrist! Flaunt that love affair with your very own Stephenie Meyer authorized replica of Bella's Bracelet. This high polished Sterling Silver bracelet is of the highest quality and is all-together charming and romantic." It retails for $75.00. I wonder how much it would cost if the heart diamond was real...

On June 13th (which is a particularly special day because that's when Edward proposed to Bella) they finally released information about the long-awaited Engagement Ring. Here's a link to the page.
It's not the prettiest ring in the world, and I already have a wedding ring, but I think it would make a cool "right hand" ring. It's nice because it comes in three different levels of quality - The Fashion Ring with fake yellow or white gold and 13 CZ diamonds (1.20 karats) for $69.00 - The Fine Ring with 14k yellow or white gold and 13 CZs (1.20 karats) for $559.00 - or the Genuine Ring with 14k yellow or white gold and 13 diamonds all brilliant cut, VS1 clarity, G-I color, 1.20 karats for a grand total of $2199.00.

Hey, a girl can dream can't she?


  1. I wonder if people are actually willing to spend that much money on those things? Everytime I think of the fourth book I get so excited I can hardly stand it. Just a month and a half left!

  2. they get engaged?? lol I have not gotten that far!! lol thanks alot!! just teasing!


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