The One with Our Niece

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This morning our sweet little niece Avery (who is the cutest baby girl in the entire world and I'm so scared that our future kids won't be nearly as cute :) is getting an MRI. She's developed bumps on her back and the doctors are baffled. They've never seen anything like this. I believe the MRI took place early this morning so I will update as soon as I know the results. In the meantime, please say a little prayer in your heart for this cute little baby girl.

ETA: I guess the news is not so good. I don't know the details, but the lumps are one huge tumor and will have to be surgically removed. Poor little girl, she's not even 4 months old. We'll be thinking about and praying for you Avery Ann!

ETA: Andy and Cami have posted their story here.

ETA: Cami was able to go to the neurosurgeon Thursday morning and the tumor is not close to the spine and can "simply" be removed. Yay! That is very good news.

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