The One with My Scrap Room

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why fill a room with kids and cribs when it can be filled with pets and scrap supplies? At least for now :)

Keep in mind that I have been involved with scrapbooking since I was 16. I used to store all of my stuff in various cardboard boxes, but they were such a pain to dig through and they fell apart easily. When I found these plastic drawers at Wal-Mart and Target I was very excited. I love organizing so I spent hours putting all my crafts and hobbies away. Chris even gets his own drawer, it's labeled "Chris' Crap." I'm so generous.Each drawer is labeled but they're also see-through so I can just look at it without opening it. Going left to right and top to bottom I will tell you what each drawer contains:

1st Column
Ribbon - organized by color (9 drawers)
Ribbon - one large drawer filled with spools as well as special thread and ribbon glue
Albums - these are all empty albums that are small enough to fit in this big drawer

2nd Column
Projects - alterable things like board books, bags, magnets, etc.
Paper Cutters and Scoring Tools
Bags & Storage
Letter Stickers
Scrapbook Tools - such as special staplers, a mini iron for iron ons, an Around The Block Paper Tagger, etc.
Chris' Crap - I think there's art supplies and stuff in there
Stamps - mostly ink pads, embossing powder and acrylic blocks
Stamps - actual wooden and acrylic stamps

3rd Column
Flowers - this drawer is quickly overflowing as flowers are all the rage right now
Chipboard Shapes
Letter Stickers and Things to Make 'Em - this is for sticker sheets too big to fit in the other letter stickers drawer and tools to make letters/words like a DYMO
Art Supplies
Art Supplies
Fabric - sometimes I save old shirts with the intentions of making them into book covers, I put them in this drawer until I get around to it.
Book Cloth
My Art - until I have more wall space all my art is tucked away in this drawer

4th Column
Cricut Stuff
Rub Ons and Iron Ons
Stickers - not letter stickers, just regular stickers
Metal - this drawer contains a hod podge of metal from buckles and beaded chain to metal photo corners and charms
Foam Stamps
To Scrapbook - Every trip I go on I collect maps, pamphlets, ticket stubs and other trinkets and save them in bags. I put all the bags in this drawer until I get around to scrapbooking them.
Cards - I keep all the cards I've made for publication in this drawer. It's so nice because any time I need to send a thank you or birthday card I just go to this drawer and pull on out, write my sentiment then send it out.
Pictures - this drawer is full of pictures that I don't really want to scrapbook, but I don't want to throw away. Every once in a while I'll go through the drawer and reminisce.
Eyelets - Remember these things? They were the STUFF when I first started scrapbooking. I purchased every single color Making Memories had to offer from ebay. I will never be able to use my collection in my life.

5th Column
At the top I have 4 containers where I keep embellishments. I should work them into my drawer system.
Envelopes - of all shapes and sizes and materials
Glitter and Jewels - again, this drawer is quickly becoming too small
Chipboard Letters
Embellishments - mostly the House collections from American Crafts
Brads and Buttons
Bookbinding Tools
Hardware - screws, nails, etc.
Tools - hammers, screwdrivers, drill bits, etc.

6th Column
Page Protectors
The next 9 drawers are filled with different colors of cardstock. I have them organized by color including Black/Grey, Brown, White/Cream, Red, Orange/Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink
Scissors - includes plain and decorative edged
Ephemera - mostly antique looking die cuts and tags
Beading - this will probably become my next hobby so it will quickly outgrow its one single drawer
Templates - to make envelopes and boxes
Die Cuts
Paper Holders

7th Column
The huge tub sitting on top is filled with supplies for making these snowflakes for Christmas presents that I never got around to last year...
Paper Scraps
The next 9 drawers are filled with patterned paper, also organized by color: Black/Grey, Brown, White/Cream, Red, Orange/Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink
Themed Patterned Paper - LDS/missionary, Superman, etc.
Specialty Paper - corrugated cardboard, metal, fabric
Handmade Paper
Handmade Paper
Handmade Paper Scraps
Transparencies - plain and patterned
Christmas Patterned Paper
Chipboard Sheets

Not visible in the picture, I have a tub full of patterned paper organized by company/packs instead of color. I keep all of my albums on a shelf in the closet on the left. Usually I scrapbook on the floor in the living room, but sometimes I sit on the red chair (the top is visible in the picture) at a black desk (both from IKEA).


  1. I want this room!!!! I think I am going to create a craft room at my parents because I have NO room at my apartment!!

  2. That room is every scrapbookers dream. I wouldn't even know where to begin using all that stuff!


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