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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I stumbled across this website the other day and I find it truly inspiring: Lilla Rogers Click on the "artists" tab at the top and you'll be directed to a page featuring 25 talented artists. My favorites are (* means super favorite):
*Elke Ehninger
*Greg Morgan
Jenn Ski
Jessica Allen
Jon Cannell
Lisa DeJohn
*Marco Marella
Matte Stephens
Mike Lowery
Rebecca Bradley
*Susan Farrington
Susy Pilgrim Waters

Some of the artists make collages which remind me of my own art:

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  1. hi there!
    i just saw your profile on the american crafts website...and came over here...didn't realize that you were the paige evans at scrapbook trends too! that's great!
    anyways, just wanted to say HI :)


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