The One with Wall Decor

Sunday, June 29, 2008

If Provo Craft ever comes out with a Cricut cartridge that has a chandelier die cut, you can bet that at least one wall in our apartment will be covered with them. As an (expensive) alternative, you can find wall decals all over the internet. My favorite site for wall stickers is blik. They have a fancy schmancy chandelier wall decal:
Here's another one from Vinyl Wall Art:
When I go home in a couple weeks I'm going to make some corner frames with my dad. I may not have a lot of wall space left, but I have a lot of corners just begging to be covered with such awesomeness.
I've been watching a lot of home improvement shows this weekend - blasted cable TV. I should be doing more productive things with my time... But, at least it gives me good ideas.

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  1. I have never seen anything like those corner frames, so great!


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