The One with Midtown Village

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Doesn't this look like such a nice place to live, work, play and shop? This is Midtown Village on State Street in Orem. Honestly, I love all the colors, the textures and how you can stare at it for hours and don't get bored.
Until you drive around the back and see this...
I don't get it? It's like they cut off the back of the building. Are they planning on adding more? It doesn't look like they'll be doing much to it anytime soon. Apparently construction has been halted on Midtown Village due to lack of sales. Read the article about it here. You can also see more about Midtown Village on their website. I want to have a deluxe condo/timeshare on State Street in Orem! Psych.

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