The One with Our First Cruise!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It seems like everyone and their dog has been on a cruise before, has been on one recently, or is going on one without me next month to the Eastern Mediterranean (Malm, Dald, Allie, and most of my extended family!!! Meanies! :)
I've never been on a cruise before. Neither has my beloved. So guess what, we're going on our own! For one blissful week in April we'll be aboard a Carnival Cruise Ship, destination: Ensenada, Mexico. I'm so excited to see this GINORMOUS flag!
I've never been to Mexico before, let alone a cruise. Lots of firsts for me! Can't wait!

(This is just a filler post to hurry up and get to my 600th post cuz I'll be doing another handmade giveaway then (so on or around Thursday). I'm off to make more stuff!)
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