The One with KreativWerkstatt

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm jumping around a bit, but on the way home from The Netherlands/Belgium, Chris and the kids dropped me off in Frankfurt to teach at KreativWerkstatt for Heidi Swapp! She's been traveling a lot and has a bunch of events in April and couldn't make it out to Germany - I was so glad the timing worked out perfectly! All I had to do was show up and teach - the kits were already made and the mini album was completed. Win win!
But first - breakfast! Bread and cheese of course :)
And some cereal - you know I love me some cereal!
There were 6 groups with about 13-15 ladies in each class.
All prepped and ready to go!
Workin' hard on misting and gluing.
Loved seeing how each person's album turned out differently.
Here's the album I made based off of Heidi's:
On the way home I navigated the Deutsche Bahn solo. Gotta love German efficiency. The train was supposed to arrive at 12:26 and at 12:26 it pulled in! That's how it was with all the stops and transfers. So awesome.
The Hauptbahnhof in Frankfurt.

5 hours of riding along gorgeous German countrysides. It was heaven!
Such a fun opportunity - there's even talks of me teaching my own class next year!!
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