The One with the Second Half of Denver

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I've been back from Denver for about 2.5 weeks and here is what happened during the second half of my time there:

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of yummy food in Denver! Every lunch at Craftsy was catered and brought in by a different company. This was a yummy salad.
The filming rooms and a few offices of Craftsy are located in an old taxi building, appropriately called TAXI. Has a fun vibe and it's very colorful which mashes well with my style :)
Another yummy lunch - this was at the attached restaurant called Fuel. So. Good.
We'd film two lessons in the morning, eat lunch, and then film 3 more in the afternoon. From 5am-7pm I was up and getting ready, having my make-up professionally done, filming, getting a ride back to the hotel, and then I'd meet up with someone for dinner. A very very good kind of exhausting!
Pink was the name of the game for one lesson. Well, that's not what the entire lesson is about, but I used a lot of pink for it!
This is the pizza I ate when I met up with Danielle Flanders.
These are the AMAZING/STELLAR/AWESOME cards she gave me! Too flippin' cute to giveaway, they're mine all mine!
Another time for lunch we drove out to a big ol' warehouse type building filled with many young hipsters. Gotta love downtown :)
By far the most delicious thing I ate while in Denver - these tacos!
A few hours later I got to meet with the two ladies who first contacted me about working with Craftsy and eat some more yummy pizza.
Larimer Square at night - so dreamy!
On my last night in the hotel I ordered room service. Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries. I'm craving those fries like what.
I wanted to take this aqua phone home with me. But I restrained myself from stealing.
After finishing up filming earlier than expected on Friday (that's a WRAP!) I took an uber taxi out to Centennial to stay with my in-laws for the night. First thing's first:

Pray you never have to live without a Target.

Then we ate at one of my faves: Texas Roadhouse. The cinnamon butter rolls are enough to warrant a visit, though the rest of the food is yummy as well.

I just ordered a bunch of sides.

A whole gallon of milk! Haven't seen one of those in almost two years! It's the little things that really got to me.
For Chris' Pez collection.
Pic of baby Fox.
In the morning we had some time to kill. I didn't really want to go to the mall, I was burnt out on shopping and didn't have any more space in my suitcase. Instead I rode horses with Margi!
Margi is an avid horse rider and has won all kinds of awards, teaches classes, writes books, and so many other amazing things. It was fun to be in her world for a bit.
Riding Hardy. 
Wow. This view of the Rockies. Chris really wants to move to Colorado when we're done in Germany. My only hesitation is that it wouldn't be fair to be close to his family and not mine. But then I get a view and weather like this (which apparently it is 90% of the year) and I think, oh get over it. Colorado is bomb dot com.
For lunch we hit up Cafe Rio. Man-oh-man-oh-man. I shouldn't do this to myself.
Just looking at these pictures makes my mouth water! I wanna go back!
While Margi was being good and getting her visiting teaching done, Tom dropped me off at Jo-Ann!
Yay for Craftsy!
I went straight to the ribbons and stocked up.
Lots of new styles of girly and dainty pacifier in my etsy shop!
Then we went to the airport. Loved the artwork in the bathrooms.
Bye bye Margi and Tom - so good to see you again! And no I'm not pregnant - that's a week's worth of terrible but oh-so-good food.
Bye bye good ol' US of A! Such a tease to be back for only a week!

The ride home was less than pleasant with crying babies, people leaning their chair seats back into my lap, body odor, flying overnight when I can't sleep on airplanes, yada yada, BUT, I'm home safe and sound and that's all that matters in light of the recent Lufthansa subsidiary airplane crash... I flew on Lufthansa. And we've flown to/from Barcelona and into Dusseldorf. A little too close for comfort. I hate flying. Anyway.

Denver. You're awesome. I give in. Let's live there :) And a big thank you to Craftsy for giving me this opportunity - so excited for my classes to launch in May! All the details and more coming soon!


  1. How fun!!!!! LOVING all the pics!! And CO. isn't as far from your folks as Germany is .. so there is a plus!! :) And I.MUST.HAVE.THAT.SCOOBY.DOO.PEZ.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brookie is the BIGGEST Scooby fan!!!! MUST GOOGLE that and FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Can't wait to check out your classes on Craftsy!

  3. I know your classes will be awesome Paige!!

  4. Colorado really is bomb dot com! I'm glad you're coming around. :)

  5. I like Colorado too. And I love you enough to want you to live anywhere you want. As long as Fox and Jane learn to ski, I'll be ok with them growing up in Colorado.

  6. Colorado is a much easier flight from Seattle than Germany!! I vote do it! My husband and I have actually been thinking about Colorado cause its soooo pretty and not as expensive as Seattle area!


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