The One with 5 Kids

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I watched my friends' kids last week from 8am-5pm. I can't believe how many dishes I went through in one day! In some ways it was really easy - they played together all day long. But in other ways it was really hard - having to keep track of 5 youngsters takes a lot outta ya! Props to all the moms out there with more than 2 kids.


  1. I had a friend that had 8 kids of her own, she always sat in the front pew at church while wearing a big floppy hat ... we would always see her doing the head bob while she was fighting off sleep every Sunday during the service! LOL!!!

  2. Oh man! I'm sure it was fun! We've been watching a puppy and that would make 3 dogs for us! Too much for me! I'll stick to my 2 that I have! :)

  3. Hey I know those kids!! They're a great family :)


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